Choosing the Perfect Logo for Your Company

Your company logo must create a memorable and favorable impression on the minds of your target consumers. Just like the Coca Cola, Apple or Nike logos have done for their companies, your business logo can become a distinct symbol that will attract millions of customers to your products and services year after year. Your logo should be a true asset that will support the purpose of your business. Let's look at some of the things you should consider when you are designing a new logo for your business.

What should your logo contain?

When you carefully analyze some of the most popular logos like McDonald's, Nike, Apple, Coca Cola, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Virgin and Pepsi, you will discover that they have some vital features including:

* A simple design: While it is important to be distinct, you must not go overboard and make the logo too complicated. In fact, your logo should be simple enough for people to copy and promote for you.

* Consistency: You will need to use your logo on different types of materials from official letter heads, to promotional materials, t-shirts, bags and different types of fabrics. So ensure that the design can be replicated the same way on any product or promotional medium you choose.

* A good font: Your logo will promote your brand and company effectively if it has your company name on it. So choose a font that is easy for people read and print. Your designer may choose from one of these ten urban fonts while creating your logo.

How to get the perfect logo 

Choose Your Colors Carefully

Colors depict the personality of your brand. They also portray certain feelings. For instance, red represents, boldness, excitement and youthfulness. That's probably why Coca Cola uses a red background or red text since the company's primary demographic are youths and kids. Other colors have their emotional appeal like:

* Orange is a confident, cheerful and friendly color.

* Green depicts health, peace, growth and prosperity.

* Yellow represents warmth, clarity and optimism.

* Blue gives a feeling of strength, trust and dependability.

* Black portrays neutrality and calmness.

You also need to know that colors are naturally gender sensitive. Women are moved by soft colors while men love bold. So it is easy for women to be attracted by pink and white while men prefer colors schemes with black.

Consumers will find it easy to recognize your brand if it has a distinct color. Before you make a final color choice you should also look at your strongest competitors. Are their logo colors having any positive influence on their customers? You can also ask people in your target market to tell you the colors they prefer to see on your logo.

Pick a Font That's Easy to Read

Just like the color you choose, the selection of your typeface is equally important. Fonts can make or mar your logo. A popular footwear company once enjoyed a 20 percent rise in sales after they redesigned their logo. So taking time to search for an impressive font is not a waste of time.

You have the option to choose between a serif font and sans serif font. Since you will have to do a lot of business online, a sans serif font would be a better choice. They are easier to read online. Some other types of fonts like script fonts could be used if you have a specialized business or you want to portray a unique personality.

Let Your Graphical Design Reveal Your Uniqueness

Your logo needs to have a visually appealing graphic design. You don't have to go over the top with this. But a good illustration is an important part of a logo. You may choose an object that your customers already know and add a unique twist to it like the Apple logo. Or you may just add a simple illustration or drawing as the case of Nike or Amazon. Whatever approach you choose, let the design of your logo paint a clear picture of what your company or brand represents.

Let Your Logo be Easy to Remember

In times past, people actually remembered a business or product by the logo before they thought of the actual name. While this may have been alright in the pre-internet age, this may not be a very helpful approach today.

Now you will be doing most of your marketing online. So you need to make sure your company or business name is part of your logo. This helps to increase brand awareness and it can help people recognize and remember your company and brand better than just a symbol like Apple.

When you are making your final decision about the elements to include in your logo, always remember what your logo must do for you - to build a successful brand.

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