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Shopping List During the First Trimester of Pregnancy

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Shopping List During the First Trimester of Pregnancy

The moment you touch the first trimester you might be wondering whether to purchase anything at this juncture. The 1st trimester shopping list assumes to on the lesser side. But pregnancy is relatively new and you might be waiting in order to break this news to your near and dear ones. Since the focus is on a healthy and successful pregnancy, as part of the 1st trimester shopping list here are lists of items you can incorporate

A pregnancy journal

If the occasion of pregnancy seems to drag, trust me the next 9 months will pass with the blink of an eye. Do take time to invest in journal and note down the experiences of pregnancy. In this journal you can note down random thoughts and feelings along with the vivid pregnancy dreams you are expected to encase.

Pregnancy book

In modern times you can learn about each and everything about pregnancy online, but nothing is more assuring than a pregnancy book by your bedside. There is various in depth books about pregnancy along with certain humours and live experiences illustrated in these books. In fact there are various books of pregnancy in the market right from conception to the time of delivery.

Ginger treats

Ginger might not be a great appetizer, but trust me it is going to curb your feeling of morning sickness. Make it a point that you carry some mints or lollipops in your purse and pop one in your mouth the moment you feel nausea is getting the better out of you.

Waistband extender

Though you might not be putting a lot of weight during the first trimester of pregnancy, the possibility of water retention occurs, and you might want to invest in a waist band. When you open the top button the pants can be kept up. This is going to provide you with few extra inches of breathing room till you need to put on the maternity pants

A supportive body pillow

The body is already in a state of change in the first trimester of pregnancy and for the nights to pass through a body pillow would be a great option. These pillows can be fluffy or U shaped to support you during this crucial phase of pregnancy. Make it a point that you invest in a quality body pillow as this is an item you might need during the entire phase of pregnancy.

Baby book

You might not be thinking about purchasing a baby book during the first trimester of pregnancy, but most of the books on pregnancy are detailed oriented. All the first experiences of pregnancy along with detailed visits of your doctor are specified. This can be the first time you heart the heartbeat of the baby and even the first time when you feel they are moving.

Last but not the least stretch marks are common during pregnancy, and it is suggested that you invest in a quality skin care cream.

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