A Glance at the Various Types of Pregnancy Tests

A Glance at the Various Types of Pregnancy Tests

The doctor is going to have an idea if you are pregnant by observing one pregnancy symptom. In case if you are showing up any signs of pregnancy you need to consult your doctor or even opt for a pregnancy test at your home. There are different types of pregnancy tests and the choice becomes an easy one. To avail exact results from a pregnancy test you need to wait for a day till your period is over. But a general suggestion is it is better to wait for a week till you opt for this test. The results will be more accurate.

Pregnancy test at your home

After the first date of your missed period you can take a home pregnancy test. There are some sensitive tests that can be conducted even earlier. All the tests work on the basic principle of HCG detection in your urine or blood. When you are pregnant this hormone is only found in your body. The chemical in a stick changes colours when it comes in contact with the urine. As far as the waiting time of the results are concerned it depends, but it should not be taking more than 10 minutes.

The manufacturers are of the opinion that you need to take this test twice but the result could vary if you go on to take this test soon once you have missed your period. Sometimes the HCG levels are too low to be detected. Though the first negative first response pregnancy test may vary from brand to brand, but they are on the inexpensive side. When you use the tests correctly results are bound to be accurate. Chances of false negative exists which might say that you are not pregnant but in fact you tend to be pregnant. If your period is not going to arrive even after a few days get in touch with your doctor.

Urine test at the clinic

This is a test you can avail at the doctor’s chamber. You cannot term the nature of such tests more accurate than a home pregnancy test. With the help of a doctor you are going to cut down on any errors that may arise during the course of such tests. It all depends upon your health insurance plan as the test could end up costing more than a home pregnancy test.

The test results can vary depending upon the medical facility you go on to avail. But you can expect the test results within a week or two of taking the test.

Blood test

This test is normally undertaken at the chamber of your doctor. There are two types of blood tests quantitative and qualitative versions of the test. In case if you’re HCG levels are higher or lower during the course of pregnancy tests the doctor may ask you to opt for another round of tests. This could even mean a repeat HCG or an ultrasound even in a couple of days.

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