An Overview About Hernia During the Course of Pregnancy?

Hernia is a medical condition where an internal organ protrudes through an opening in our muscle. In the abdomen and groin regions the hernia is more likely to develop. To have a hernia during pregnancy is not a major problem till the point it becomes painful and causes discomfort. But if you leave it untreated it can become serious and end up causing serious life complications.

In case if you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant it is better to let your doctor knows well in advance so that you can be examined for signs of discomfort. It also becomes important in attending to a hernia so that you do not have to be concerned about dealing with a hernia when pregnant.

The causes

When a weakness in the wall is witnessed or even a muscle that does not grow together. Most cases people develop it over time as supposed to having it in them when they are born. There are some health factors and even conditions which can go on to cause hernia. As muscles are going to thin, weaken and stretch during pregnancy, the chances of developing a hernia during pregnancy increases. Even hiatal hernia while pregnant is a cause of concern. There are some other reasons of hernia

• Heavy lifting

• Excess weight

• Increasing levels of pressure in your abdomen

• In the abdomen fluid occurs

Each and every woman is not going to face the symptoms or signs of hernia when pregnant. In case of others the signs can be felt or seen. The exact area of the spot of a hernia could seem as a lump when you press on that given area. At the location of a hernia you can even see a bulge but some of the area might not be visible. 

A pronounced dull itching pain could also be witnessed once you try to bend, sneeze, laugh or cough in an intense manner. Some women could face the difficulty of moving around once the stomach becomes big and it is not easy to move around.

How to treat hernia

Surgery seems to be only viable option for treating hernia. You need to repair the wall so that the organ does not creep in. But surgery of hernia or even hiatal hernia pregnancy is not suggested till it causes a major risk to your baby. You can delay it after birth and even after a full recovery it is going to last between 3 to 6 months. If surgery is the only option during pregnancy, a suggestion would be to opt for it during the second trimester of pregnancy.

To prevent a hernia there is very little that can be done. The better news is that hernia would not cause a hernia to become enlarged. If you provide good physical support, this can cause sneezing, laughing and support. In order to reduce this discomfort, adopt the hand and push hernia itself. Any damage at the physical site of the hernia should be prevented.

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