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Why Faux Leather Jackets are better than Real Leather Jackets

Qub Jordan 765 15-May-2019

Why Faux Leather Jackets are better than Real Leather Jackets

Leather jackets are all about showing class. The real question is how much you know about jackets and how well do you understand them?

Leather jackets are the style statements in your wardrobe and they make you look classy, they help you to keep warm and comfy but the real deal is finding the perfect jacket for you otherwise you have wasted your money.

All about Faux Leather Jackets

Why Faux Leather Jackets are better than Real Leather Jackets

Faux jackets are not real jackets, they are made from artificial material. The use of chemicals such as wax or polyurethane ( a plastic-like material) is done to give them a color or a texture. It is a bit shiny too. That is the reason faux jackets have a time limit, they would not last long. People who are ecologically concerned usually prefer faux material jackets rather than real jackets. These jackets are made waterproof due to chemicals. Well, on the other hand, these faux jackets look similar to a real jacket. Faux leather jackets are usually affordable to the general public as they are cheaper than real leather.

All about real leather jackets

Why Faux Leather Jackets are better than Real Leather Jackets

The real leather jackets are usually made from real materials obtained from animals such as Cowhide, antelope, buckskin, lambskin, sheepskin. These jackets are really very warm and demanded a lot in cold regions. The real jackets give the best appearances and considered very fashionable.

Comparing the Faux leather jackets and the real jackets

Observe the material of a jacket carefully. In case of Faux jackets, the edges will have a perfect foamy or plastic look while on the other hand, the real leather jacket will be giving a look of rough around the edges.

The real leather will when touched, will be soft and smooth, whereas faux leather will feel like plastic and could be stretched.

Read the labels carefully while buying the jacket as it would be written obviously whether it is manmade or real.

The smell might also tell you a lot of things like the smell of real jacket will always be of leather while faux will smell of chemicals and you will know instantly.

Faux leather will show pores in a smooth pattern while the pores on the real jacket will be in an irregular pattern.

Moreover, the faux jacket will always cost cheaper than the real jacket.

When you will rub the faux jacket it will feel like plastic while rubbing the real leather will feel coarse.

Faux leather jackets VS the Real leather jackets

If the faux jacket is prepared with any cheap material then it is possible that it would get cracks over time while this problem does not exist in the real leather jacket.

Faux leather is glossier whereas real jacket will have inconsistent pores on it.

Moreover, not everyone can afford a real leather jacket as they are way more costly than faux jackets.

Real leather is environment-friendly as it is made purely from natural materials, while on the other hand the Faux leather jackets are very much likely to be made from chemicals and so they have a harmful reaction to the environment when disposed of.

When in accidents, the harm is less likely done to the skin if real leather is worn. Real leather feels like suede.

The quality of the faux leather jacket will deteriorate over time while the real jacket is timeless, and it will last very long or even for a lifetime if you maintain it properly. However Faux jacket will also last longer if you maintain it properly and perfectly.

Why Faux leather jacket is better than the real leather jacket

With the advancement of technology and the modern brains of our designers combined, we are gifted with such a great replacement of real jackets that not only they are amazing to wear but they also provide the qualities and feel of real leather. They are the perfect substitute for the real leather jacket.

Faux leather jackets are also not as stiff as the real ones and they are comfortable as well.

Well, Faux leather is a blessing to those who cannot afford the real jacket and so they can buy faux and make it look like a real deal. Well in today's world savings are generally required and so let's not buy expensive clothes but go for buying something that looks the same and feels the same as the real one.

Moreover, one more feasibility that comes with a faux jacket is that it can be washed in the washing machine, easily.

The faux material is made such that it looks rich and also many colors can be derived out and given to faux jackets.

While wearing a faux you may feel like the material is moving with you as it is stretchable. It is not stiff and uncomfortable but very comfy to wear. It is generally very warm too.

Faux leather jackets are very likely durable and provide durability.

Faux leather is made in a way to resist strains and it is also fade resistant. It is easily washable and it is easier to maintain than the real jacket.

The color of a faux jacket is consistent throughout the material and so you can easily contrast it to your clothing.

They also provide a vegan look.

These faux jackets are very versatile and could be matched to any outfit due to their variety in colors.

It is very lightweight and it fits perfectly to the body and its shape. These jackets are usually breathable.

These are the reasons that you should go for buying the faux and reaching out for it more than the real jacket.

So, make your decision to go for a Faux leather jacket now and you will be amazed by its goodness.

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