The hot melt adhesive glue guns have a variety of industrial applications. They are used prominently in industries for the assembly of smaller joints, laminating the largest of surface areas, mounting and have other applications as well. The guns are used in woodworking packaging, flooring, furniture, construction, electronics, transportation, and leather and footwear, among other industries. 

Why Electric Glue Guns Are The Best Gluing Option For Saving Money And Time

But the glue guns are also machines and like all other electrical equipment and mechanical devices used in an industry, they are also prone to failure. A machine failure results in downtime that can be costly for a firm. Whether it is intentional or sudden, the failure affects the production adversely, even more so when the product that has to be replaced is out of stock.

When it comes to the pneumatic glue guns, compressed air may be the real cause due to which a glue gun gets faulty. The quality of the air may deteriorate over a period of time and effect components like glue gun’s applicator adversely. The lifespan of the hot melt adhesive system shortens, and the gun also fails to provide accurate patterns.

The all-electric motorized glue guns are devoid of many of the issues and problems associated with the pneumatic glue guns. These guns can deliver more than 11 lb of adhesive per hour and are fit for repetitive and continuous usage. Overall, the electric glue guns improve productivity and may save more time and money over a period of time when compared to the pneumatic glue guns. Here are some other aspects of the electric glue guns, knowing which you may switch your preference to this innovative equipment that can reduce the downtime and enhance your profits. 

Solenoid vs. All Electric Valve

The modules in a pneumatic hot melt glue gun can only be activated through the solenoid. As air moisture, dirt, debris, and heat among other elements affect the gluing patterns, sloppiness may be found. The problem also spreads further to affect the other components of the Glue gun. The electrical glue guns do not require any solenoid valve for their operation. Unlike the pneumatic glue guns, the electric glue gun has an all-electric valve, which has more than 300 million cycles of a lifetime. As there is no compressed air, there are no down times. The components of electric glue guns last for long time intervals and there are no issues related to the outcomes as well.

Saving on Adhesives

Use of the electric glue guns can save up to 75% of the additives used. While the sealing and bonding are perfect, you can do your job more specifically and accurately because of the “pattern controller” feature present in the electric glue guns.

Reduced Requirement of Spare Parts

The electric glue guns use a much lesser number of seals. They also have a lesser number of components and moving parts when compared to the pneumatic glue guns. Therefore they do not require spare parts excessively like the pneumatic guns do. The seals are subject to deterioration and wearing over a period of time. Therefore the use of electric glue guns would save you money and time. 

The electric glue gun is a new innovation and is having new capabilities and features while working with all kinds of adhesives perfectly. To buy the equipment at a low glue gun price in India you can contact the leading supplier online itself.

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