It may not be as important as naming a baby, but the domain name you choose is definitely something you will have to live with and something that will affect many things, ranging from visitors’ first impressions to SEO ranking and defining your brand. With more than 329 million of registered domains, choosing the perfect domain name is not something that should be taken lightly and there are many things to consider before you make the final decision. Here are some tips that will help you choose a name you won’t regret.

Always go for brandable

Domain names which include numbers and hyphens sound really strange and are not easy to remember. Also, generic names which are stuffed with too broad keywords are remarkably unmemorable. You will not make a successful website about cooking by naming it “”. The domain name should stand for something and represent your brand. So, instead of “” point out what is so interesting about your website, e.g. “”.

Do not create brand confusion

With so many registered domains and so many businesses in every branch, it is very difficult to stand out. However, you should do your best to avoid trademark infringement if your domain resembles an existing trademark. This is something you should probably discuss with a legal professional, if there is any risk of that happening.

Things to Know Before You Go for Just Any Domain Name

Make it easy to pronounce

Domain names are rarely pronounced in a conversation; they are usually typed or clicked on. However, if it is something you cannot pronounce, it is also something you cannot remember, which means that the brandability you have created is useless. Pronounceable names are, therefore, easier to memorize.

Shorter is better

Another thing that is easy to remember – short domain names. The fewer characters the domain name you have chosen has, the easier it will be to remember it, type it, share it and talk about it. Also, short names are less likely to get additionally shortened in search results and on social media sharing platforms.

Go for a recognizable top-level domain

When planning to buy domain names, you need to think about the top-level domain (TLD) extension and cheap Windows hosting plans as well too. Even though there are plenty of popular TLDs, more than one-third of the total domain name base belongs to .com, and by this point, it is almost impossible to secure this TLD. Other acceptable options are .net and .co, but you should also have in mind that there is a growth in country-specific TLDs which can help you establish your online name without making some big compromises, if you are running a local business.

The name speaks about your business

This is something we have already mentioned, but it is too important to be reduced to a single casual sentence. The domain name you choose must make it somewhat clear what it is that you do. Internet users should be able to look at your domain name and have at least a vague idea about your line of work. You will not name your website “cooking” if you are selling homemade dog food. It doesn’t have to be too obvious, but it should at least be intuitive.

Be creative

Finally, a good domain name requires some creativity, instead of just stuffing it with keywords. If you can secure a keyword mention in your name which says what your website is about, feel free to use it. However, if you are trying to get a keyword rich or targeted domain, it is better to stay away from it. Think about websites such as, or – these domain names are not keyword rich, but they are still very well branded.

Your URL can help you make a positive and lasting impression on the visitors, help with your SEO ranking and give you a chance to increase brand recognition. That is why it is important to invest effort and thought when coming up with it, instead of just going for any domain name available.

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