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Tips to Make Your Career in Investment Banking

Jitender Sharma768 09-May-2019

Tips to Make Your Career in Investment Banking

Investment banking acts as a mediator between companies to help them raise money by issuing securities or it can be an investor who is willing to provide money in exchange for securities. Investment bankers advise companies on what kind of securities to issue, such as stocks or bonds and at what price to issue them. Their role is quite an important one.

If you are looking to make your career in investment banking, read the below-mentioned tips-

Be sure this is the right job for you

Investment bankers usually have a range of backgrounds and therefore, can move into other related professions such as research and trading. The role is quite challenging and stressful but if you are prepared for the rewards that it offers, you are all set to conquer and emerge as a victor. It’s crucial to understand why you are planning a career in this field and what will be expected from you in the future. If you are sure about the job, nothing can stop you to grab big opportunities.

Choose your investment banking career

There are different career options with various roles in investment banking. To enter the space, you need to acquire certain skillsets that are appropriate to handle a particular role. Suppose, you choose the operational team. For this role, you will have to polish your analytical skills as the work demands settlement of the transactions made at the bank.

On the other hand, you could be working as a corporate investment banker who will be responsible to work on mergers and acquisitions and so on. In the easy-breezy language, get ready to choose a career option and develops the skills.

Study hard for a degree and get certification

There are a few companies that provide training to the employees. Nevertheless, you need to have a bachelor's degree if you want to enter the investment banking world. Your knowledge of maths should be outstanding. Certifications are another important way to get the best job possible. Get an investment banking certification and master all the skills to prove your worth in this competitive world. The more you make your resume shine, the more opportunities you grab.

Do an investment banking internship

Practical experiences always help you stand out of the crowd. On-the-job-experience boosts your brain by polishing your skills in investment banking and the great performing interns get the opportunity to land their dream job. Try to enhance your knowledge so that you have something to prove during your internship period.

Attend events and network

There are different on-campus recruitment events. Grab this opportunity to talk to the employers. Watch various videos of experts and know what their work involves and what it takes to make a career in investment banking. Social media platforms are a great way to connect to employers. This will not just introduce you to what’s happening in the field but will also make you apply for jobs. Don’t forget to stay in touch with your closed ones. Their guidance matter and help you make the right decision.

These tips might have helped you to plan well for your future. It’s time to decide whether you want to make your career in the lucrative field of investment banking or not!

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