Smart Android Monitoring App for Better Single Parenting

Smart Android Monitoring App for Better Single Parenting

Single parents have to deal with plenty of issues in parenting and they don’t fulfill all the parenting requirements in the contemporary world. Mostly female single moms have to bear all the responsibilities due to having tensions with the partners and few of male father have to do this job to raise a child in the modern technological world where the phenomenon of parenting has entirely changed.

Why is Single Parenting Tough?

Obviously, when someone has to do multiple jobs in order to have bread and butter for their young son or daughter, it will be very hectic and compromising condition for any single mother or father. Single moms have to have multiple jobs in order to provide the children better lifestyle and at the same time have insecurities when nobody is there to take care of kids and teens.

Modern Technology has set new Rules for Parenting

Now not only mommies and daddies have to take care of kids and teens activities in the real world, they have to keep an eye on their digital activities that are more demanding and necessary to keep an eye on. In the post times, parents whether a single mom or dads only have to keep an eye on their children’s real life, but in present time they have to do parenting in both real life and in online.

Digital World & Single Parenting

Technology has provided plenty of inventions over the last two decades and the cell phones gadgets are one of the fascinating inventions we have ever come across. The contemporary technology has risen in such a way that every young kid owned a cell phone these days. They use internet on the smartphones and get access to the social networking apps.

The social messaging apps are very famous among the young users and they make multiple accounts on the messengers such as Facebook, Tinder, Line, Vine, Yahoo, Whatsapp, and others. The presence of online predators on these platforms has developed so many problems for young children such as cyberbullying, stalkers, and child abusers. However, single parents are so much worried that how they should perform multiple jobs and at the same perform real life and online life parenting of the children.

What Option Single Parents have?

It may seem difficult and impossible to single mommies and daddies that how is it possible to do better parenting even they are single parents. There is following option for you to put your worries to rest and to do better single parenting.

Get a partner: android monitoring app

It does not matter what your gender is, you can still get a partner with the smart android spy app. It enables single moms to keep an eye on their children 24/7 and the same thing in same fashion for the single father. There are no more worries for single parenting, you can secretly monitor your teens and kids sitting write from your place of work and even protect them if they are doing anything wrong on their cell phone gadgets.

Install Android spy software

Smart Android Monitoring App for Better Single Parenting

Single parents just need to install the android cell phone tracking spyware on the children smartphone. You would not have to worry about the security of your kids and teens being a single mom or father. Subscribe to the android spy app for phones rather than recruiting someone to look after your kids and teens. That would be pretty expensive for you being an ordinary person.

Therefore, higher mobile spy app for android. Once you have installed it on your kid’s Android gadgets, nothing would leave hidden from you. You can track completely the android gadgets of your kids and set your parenting rules accordingly.

You can spy call on call on your children the android cell phone with help of hidden call recorder app for android. You can track and listen to the calls incoming or outgoing and get to know whom your children are talking.

Single parents can view sent and received text messages such as imessages, SMS, BMM chat messages, MMS and heads up tickers notification. All you need to do is to use text messages spy app of android spy app for phones.

Single parenting becomes more effective by using the IM’s social media tool for better parenting. You can view IM’s logs, chat conversations, text messages, shared media files such as photos and videos. You can further listen to VOICE messages sent or received.

Single moms and dads can view and listen to the surround activities of teens and kids with the help of their cell phone. You just need to use spy 360 surround listening and listen and record surrounding sounds and conversations.

Moreover, you can view live video visuals of their surround by hacking the camera of the kid’s android phone. You will have such experience that you are walking with your children even when you are sitting in your office. You just need to use the spy 360 live cameras streaming of the spy phone android.

Smart Android Monitoring App for Better Single Parenting

However, if you want to see the activities happen live on your children’s phone screen. You can use spy 360 live screen sharing and broadcast the screen of the cell phone into the Android surveillance app online control panel. Now you can see the live activities happen on the cell phone screen of android of your kids and teens.


Now every single parent can do better single parenting and protect their children to the fullest. They just need to have a partner in the shape of android monitoring app.

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