Is your internet fast enough? There is no need to worry about how to test internet speed. Testing is easy. Simply open one of the many free internet speed tests and run it. It will quickly tell you the real speed of your connection. With this information, you can then determine whether you’re getting what you paid for. Test your speed then compare it with the speed your internet service provider advertised.

Continue reading review of the 10 of the most popular free internet speed tests.

And here I have chosen the two most popular services for you:

1. Speedtest by Ookla is the most authoritative provider of free online speed tests. With the click of a single button, users can take advantage of Ookla’s free speed test to find out the most unbiased information regarding their real-time internet speeds.

Best Free Internet Speed Test Solutions

2. is a very simple internet speed test site run by Netflix. It automatically launches a speed test and brings up a giant number to show you just what your Mbps look like.

Best Free Internet Speed Test Solutions

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