Waking up at 6 in the evening and getting to the office when the whole world is calling it a day? Dreading the overtime that will expose you to the daunting daylight? Are you a vampire? Of course, no! You are a call centre agent, the knight of deadlines; the customer service warrior.

Ok! Maybe it was too much but just think about it, how much hard work call centre agents have to put in to provide customers great services and help businesses grow. If you have ever worked as a call centre agent then you can understand how hectic the job is. It sure isn’t easy money when you are bombarded with issues and queries through an 8 or 9-hour shift each day.

In case, you have recently started working in the call centre industry and are tied to the strict schedule imposed by most BPO companies then here is a survival guide. Let me walk you through three ways to make it through the challenges of this industry to get to the top.

Walking The Tightrope

The biggest challenge every individual working in a BPO company faces is the schedule and the timeline to complete tasks. For instance, if you are on call and the duration is increasing the wait time for the caller in the queue then you will have to wrap up the conversation ASAP! However you cannot just impolitely end the call, you have to be really calm and composed whilst letting the person on the other end know that his/her issue will be resolved soon.

This is just like walking a tightrope, you are balancing yourself all the time and trying to tend to customers diligently. However, the key to surviving such situations that are really common in BPO companies is to stay focused and listen to your customers properly or read emails and chats with more concentration.

This is something that we have been taught at a very young age but as we grow up we tend to undermine the effectiveness of concentration in accomplishing a task. When you listen carefully and read through documents and instructions, you can find the answer in the question itself. It’s all about applying yourself more intelligently to get the best outcome.

You may have seen how even young children can walk a tightrope with ease, have you wondered how? It is because they don’t lose focus and are concentrating to get from one end to the other.

Organized Is The New Efficient

Agents working in renowned BPO companies need to work in an organized way if they really want to succeed. If you are one of them then it is vital that you make this quality a part of your persona. It is not really easy to be a different person than what you usually are but as you know the things we need to do for a stable job.

There will be so many people out there, who say they aren’t really organized enough but when you are working in a call centre this can’t be an excuse. You are handling the most crucial work process that can affect a business’s revenue and customer base. By being organized, you can not only accomplish tasks more efficiently but will also be highly productive.

Don’t Lose Your Calm

There is a frustrated caller on the other end and its Monday morning, the day after a short Sunday that might have been wasted on binge watching or worse, drinking! You want to really snap back at this lady/man who is yelling continuously without breathing but no, you can’t.

When you start working in a BPO company, there will be really few people who will come to you and say, “Hey! Do you know that staying patient and calm is a life skill in this profession?” This is something that no school or college teaches but the experience of working in BPO companies sure will.

This is a part of your job and you can either run away from it or embrace it and make the most out of it.

There are many other skills and behavioural changes that can help you ace the corporate ladder in the call centre industry. However, by following the aforementioned you sure have a shot to survive and thrive in a reputed BPO company.

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