Business ideas for women

It is often claimed that women are weaker in the labour market. It is not about their capabilities, but about how they are treated.

It is well known that women are often paid less for the same work than men for the same work. How can this problem be dealt with most effectively? Become your own boss and decide for yourself how high your salary is.

If you are a woman and want to start your own business, check out the following business ideas for women.


The fashion for hand-made jewellery - made of materials such as wire, glass or felt - hasn't gone away for years. Dozens of tutorials, including videos on YouTube, are available online to help you start your adventure with handmade art jewellery.

Making handmade jewellery is a profitable business as long as the jewellery accessories come from a reliable source, e.g. from a well-proven online shop.


Arranging flower bouquets is more than just floristry. To learn how to do this you can sign up for a florist course and then, once you have acquired the relevant skills, you can advertise yourself by offering your services. This is a job for creative people with a lot of imagination.


For years, tailoring has been associated with a typically feminine profession. Today, most of us buy ready-made clothes, and those who decide to order tailor-made clothes usually decide on reputable tailor shops.

However, there is a lot to show for those who offer tailoring patches. Shortening, trimming or altering ready-made clothes is still very popular.


Bags made of ecological materials, especially felt, are a real fashion cry. It is not difficult to find dozens of patterns on the Internet. So if you're a person who's familiar with needles and threads, maybe it's worth getting interested in.

You can sell your own bags through your own online store, auction portals, etc.


Of course, you can also open an ordinary beauty salon, but it requires a place in a good place, which will absorb a huge part of the utarga. Meanwhile, it is much easier to complete a set of tools and cosmetics with which you can come to the customer's home for a treatment. Not everyone has time to sit at the beautician's, so this kind of service is very popular.


Your neighbors rent rooms to holidaymakers? Are there any interesting tourist attractions in the immediate vicinity of your village? If we add to this a brochure with a guide to the area and e.g. a bicycle rental, we have everything a travel agent needs to start working.


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