7 Ways to Make Your Branding Event a Success

7 Ways to Make Your Branding Event a Success

Do you want to make your branding event a success? If so, then it must contain a variety of different elements which give it a unique and recognisable appearance. The idea is to make it a memorable event for all attendees. 

First, you must include your own brand and all the visual elements which represent it, such as your colours, logo, and other branded décor. Second, you add a small twist to the event by including something unusual, creative, and/or original. 

This twist could be something that you see or do at the event, or it could be something promotional.

Your brand needs to stand out so attendees will remember it for the days, weeks, and months following the event. It is worth also getting the advice of event marketing experts in the field, so you get the event right and can make that lasting impression.

So remember, the formula for a successful branding event is “Event Brand = Brand Elements + Small Twist.”

To help you figure out the details of the brand elements and twists, we’ve included 7 ways to implement this formula into your own branding event and make it a success. 

1. Event Website

An event website is crucial to make your branding event a success. It is really the first thing that prospective attendees will see. Even if you advertise on social media or perform other methods of event advertising, they almost always link to your main event website. 

This is where people go to get all the information they need about your brand and the event. Be sure to keep up your brand’s visual appearance on the website by using relevant themes, logos, fonts, and colours. 

2. Logo Décor

Your brand logo should be on posters and online advertisements. Also, put the logo on all the décor related to your event, such as the napkins, cups, balloons, booths, stationery, and so on.

You could even get really creative and have your logo projected onto the wall or dance floor. The more ways you can display your logo to people, the better the chances of them remembering it. 

3. Event Apps

Event apps are the latest thing used by event planners and hosts. They basically help attendees engage with your brand by creating a mobile event community for them. This community gives attendees information on present and future events, so they never miss any of them.

Event Manager Blog did a study which revealed that event apps are utilized by more than 40% of event organisers.

Participants of a more recent study were polled and it showed that more than 80% of them incorporate an event app into their event planning and strategizing. 

4. Customized Snacks

Everybody loves free food. You can give away customized snacks at your event to all your followers. Meanwhile, you can incorporate your own brand image into the food.

For example, you can serve slices from a cake which has your brand colours, logo, and other imagery baked onto it.

Serve cocktails which have one or more of your brand colours in it. Just find creative ways to merge delicious snacks with the visual elements of your brand.

5. Visual Merchandising

Visual merchandising is a great way to attract people to whatever it is you’re selling. You see visual merchandising all the time in front of retail stores, especially the ones in shopping malls. 

The artistic craftsmanship and design that goes into visual merchandising needs to be implemented into your branding event.

With the right detail design style, your brand will be easily recognizable and associated with the products that you’re selling. 

6. Instagram Stories

Instagram is one of the trendiest social media platforms in existence right now. One original feature of the platform is Instagram Stories, which has around 300 million people using it.

This gives businesses a chance to advertise their own future events to these users and a chance to receive sponsorship for the stories too. If you can afford to have an Instagram influencer talk about your event, that is even better. 

7. Ticket Giveaway Contest

You can always attract a large crowd if you’re giving away free stuff.

This can be something small like 1 or 2 free tickets to your event. In response, you will likely get the attention of thousands of people who will want to enter your contest with the hope of winning those tickets. Even though most of them will lose the contest, they’ll still be made aware of your event.

This may prompt them to want to attend anyway. 

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