Nowadays we rely on the “cloud” to store our data. But what do we mean under this term? Well, definitely, it is not the cloud above you up in the sky, but it is an online storage, where all the data is kept. Cloud storages provide us with an instant access to all the information we have uploaded onto the cloud be it photos, videos, music or something more important like documents or personal info no matter where we are. Though, if we want to work with a cloud in a more convenient and efficient way and to be able to easily manage all the data there, to mount cloud storage to our computer as if it is our local drive is a great solution. And if we can mount more than one storage, that’s even better. With the help of a decent cloud storage manager, we can easily fulfill these wishes into reality.

10 best apps to mount cloud storage

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  Modified On Sep-07-2019 12:22:23 AM

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