Amazing Quirky Gift Ideas to Send Online to Pakistan

The idea of gifting has a lineage of thousands of years; no doubt that what we call a gift today was not the same at those times. As time changed and people evolved, the idea of sending gifts has also taken twists and turns. What we love to call a gift was quite unfamiliar even at our childhood days. I mean, who used to consider a fridge magnet with superheroes painted on it as a gift? Instead we used to appreciate precious pens and story books as the perfect present from elders on our birthdays.

However, as the industry of gifting has changed its course with the millennial people being the majority of their customers, gift ideas has happened to be a little unfamiliar yet fun. So if you have a friend who has organised a house warming party or a simple get together, quirky gift ideas could be your saviour.

There are hundreds of websites who send gifts to Pakistan online and as per the choice of the customers. While flowers, chocolates, flower and chocolate bouquets, wine bottle, cake and teddy has a separate fan base and sold across the year, these days quirky gifts are also a hit.

If you are not good at shopping for your loved ones, visit the websites those only deal with quirky gifts. We bet you would find something usual that would worth both your money, time, and effort. Here are a few gift ideas you can count on-

Everything unicorn

Unicorns have managed to stay as the favourite fantasy character for years. While kids love it, if you are a husband staying way and want to see your wife put on a big fat smile on her face after receive a gift from you, choose unicorn. Websites who send online gift to Pakistan have unicorn power bank, unicorn cushion and pillows, unicorn socks and even unicorn shower cap for you to choose. You are spoilt for choices when you see they also send unicorn chappals, unicorn themed card and giant unicorn night light.

There are play dough for kids as well that would help them build their own unicorn, stationeries to impress the kids based on unicorn theme is also being the talk of the town.

Miniature and Bobble head dolls

We all love miniatures. There are websites who are helping the customers with the wonderful idea of creating their miniature just by sharing a picture. So if your siblings are waiting for a gift to receive from you, choose this option. Share a picture of the person you want to gift a miniature, and the websites would work on making it exactly like the picture.

With these, there are bobble head dolls of superheroes, players, actors, and fantasy characters to choose from. Sometimes they are themed on popular TV shows, or movies as well. So if you know someone who loves a particular movie, a TV show or actors, send them bobble head toys.

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