This article will show you how to report XML data with Crystal Reports and Windows Forms client.

Following is the partial listing from the sample XML file which I am using in the demo:

             <Name>Rohit Kesharwani</Name> <Course>GNIIT</Course>

Add a DataSet to the project. Select Add -> New Item -> DataSet from Solution Explorer.

Crystal Report with XML Data Source

Add DataTable to DataSet from toolbox. Now add columns to the DataTable
Right-click on DataTable1 and select Add -> Column to start adding the columns to the DataTable.

Crystal Report with XML Data Source


Now add a DataSet as source of data for a report. You’ll start with Right-Clicking on any open area on Report Designer -> Database -> Database Expert… As a result of this action, the Database Expert dialog box will appear. You can click on Project Data and expand the node ADO.NET DataSet. Select the DataTable from DataSet and click on “>” button to move it to selected tables section on right-hand side.

Crystal Report with XML Data Source

Once the report source is specified, all we have to do is drag and drop the fields from DataTable inside Detail section on report designer surface. You can drag and drop all the fields from DataTable from Field Explorer inside the details section.

Crystal Report with XML Data Source

You can add a crystalReportViewer to the Form1 as follows:

Drag ToolBox -> Reporting -> CrystalReportViewer and drop it on Form1. This step

will create a new instance of crystalReportViewer with the name


Crystal Report with XML Data Source

After the design part, add code in the Form.cs to read the xml data in the Dataset.

private void Form1_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
       DataSet dsSet = new DataSet();
      //create temp dataset to read xml data
     DataSet dsTempReport = new DataSet();
    // using ReadXml method of DataSet read XML data from Student.xml file
  // copy XML data from temp dataset to our typed data set
    //prepare report for preview
    CrystalReport1 rptXml = new CrystalReport1();
    crystalReportViewer1.ShowGroupTreeButton = false;
   crystalReportViewer1.ReportSource = rptXml;
       }     catch (Exception ex)

 Let’s build and run the example to see the output.

Crystal Report with XML Data Source


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