Crystal Report Using Wizard

Standard Report: The Standard Report Expert is the most generic of the experts

. The Standard Report Expert guides you through the process of choosing a data

source and linking database tables. It also helps you add fields and specify the

grouping, summarization (totals), and sorting criteria you want to use. Finally, the

Standard Report Expert leads you through chart creation and record selection.

Cross-Tab Report: They generate summary data in a grid where the rows and

columns represent groups of data. This provides the user with a report format that

is easy to read and uses a small footprint on the page.

Mailing Label Report: The Mailing Labels Report Creation Wizard lets you create a

report that is formatted to print on a mailing label of any size. You can use the

Label screen to select a commercial label type, or you can define your own layout

of rows and columns for any multi-column style report.


Crystal Report Using Wizard

Here I am using Standard Report

Crystal Report Using Wizard

Then create new connection. In order to establish the connection select OLE DB (ADO) as datasource.

Crystal Report Using Wizard

Then select a provider from the list. Here I am selecting a SQL Server Native Client 10.0 because i am using SQL Server as a database. After selecting the provider click on next button.

Crystal Report Using Wizard

After selecting the provider, you have to provide the server name, user id and password of the database and select the database. If don’t want to provide userid and password then check Integrated Security. After providing the necessary information click next to finish the process.

Crystal Report Using Wizard

After selecting the database you have to select the table and add it to the selected

table list, in order to show the details. Here I am selecting a customer table

from  the database workbook where some customer records are present and it to

the selected tables list.

Then click on next button.

Crystal Report Using Wizard

After selecting  the table you can select the fields from the table which you want to display in the report and click on the finish button. If you won’t to select the field you can drag the fields of the table from the Database field and drop it into the Details section.

Crystal Report Using Wizard

After finshing the process you can see the preview of the report from Main Report Preview or just run a application.

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