The world that we live in today is highly evolved in terms of technological innovation. Businesses are using chatbots as live support and online shopping is becoming more common for most shoppers. You no longer have to make a phone call to book an appointment with your lawyer or someone of high importance. You can just go online, write down your details, and book from your smartphone or tablet. 

Some firms have even embraced Voice over Internet Protocol (VoiP) and allowed employees to work remotely. In this case, communication is mainly facilitated by VoiP. The entire business world has also taken the artificial intelligence (AI) into account, using it to make the entire hiring and recruitment process a lot simpler. 

How AI has influenced the Hiring Process

1. Shorter Hiring Processes

Back in the 20th century, employers had to take their time and post a job opening on a public platform that would be easily accessed by prospects. This would mostly involve media sources such as live commercial advertisements, newspaper job listings, and newsletters. It’s safe to say that the hiring process of the past was difficult and tedious because it involved lengthy processes and general mediums. 

Some of these processes include posting the jobs, checking received applications, and reviewing qualifications, downsizing based on qualifications, conducting interviews, and finally hiring. The AI of today has made this process a lot easier by carrying out various processes at the same time.

If you apply for a job in a company that uses AI on its website, you’ll notice that you may not even get the chance to sit for an interview if your qualifications aren’t at par with what the employer needs. This is mostly because the AI is set to disqualify any applicant that doesn’t fully meet the criteria for the job. Therefore, you can say that it has made the process much simpler for the employer by narrowing down the most appropriate candidates. 

2. Knows How to Handle Applicants

The hiring and recruitment process is actually a two-way process that involves the applicant as well as the employer. The AI used today has not only improved the work done by employers from the word go, but also made it much easier for applicants. Long ago, applicants had to look through newspapers and apply for a job via email. Then, the applicant had to wait for a long period before they could get a reply. 

Onboarding statistics already shows that AI has brought about a positive attitude to both employers and job seekers. This is owing to the fact that it can handle a multitude of work with little effort compared to the normal human effort.

Now, all that it takes is for you to apply online by posting your credentials on the hiring platform. It mostly takes about 2-3 business days for you to get a reply and in some cases, you could even get one in less than a day. 

3. Organization

You can imagine going through all newspapers printed in a particular month just to look for that one job that you may be qualified for. This is exactly what happened a few years back. To make it worse, you had to wait for weeks just to get a reply via mail. After that, you had to go for an interview that had hundreds of other applicants, mostly from different backgrounds. 

The hiring process of today is better organized thanks to AI technology. The machine helps find vacancies within your area of expertise more quickly. Furthermore, you won’t have to waste your time going for an interview if you don’t have a chance of being hired for the job. 

The AI has been used to improve the recruitment process by making the transactions efficient and fast for the employer. This could mean posting a job with the right description details and qualifications to access the application forms and ruling out those that don’t meet the criteria. 

The world seems to be moving towards a digitally enhanced system, and human resource recruitment has not been left that far behind. AI is making all the difference by ensuring the speedy selection of qualified employees. 

  Modified On Aug-20-2019 01:36:45 AM

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