Health insurance is compulsory in Germany. Even if the insurance is a duty, it offers many advantages for the insured. Quite different from the United States. There an illness can quickly lead to financial difficulties. However, the German insurance system is associated with high costs. In the following, the advantages and disadvantages of such health insurances are presented and also which different variants there are.

The SHI – Statutory Health Insurance

It is certainly well-known that a statutory health insurance does not provide comprehensive protection. It only provides protection for basic needs. In recent years in particular, many restrictions have been imposed on benefits in order to maintain contribution levels. The contribution to the statutory health insurance depends on the monthly income.

Probably the most striking advantages of the statutory health insurance are the protection in the family insurance and that the contributions are affordable for pensioners.

The serious disadvantage is that, in contrast to other forms of insurance, doctors prefer to accept privately insured people, as they generate more money than those with statutory health insurance.

The PHI – Private Health Insurance

In contrast to statutory health insurance, private health insurance is advantageous for many people. For example, for self-employed persons and employees with a good salary. Instead of choosing a voluntary membership in the statutory health insurance, the comparison with the private health insurance is worthwhile. The advantages of private health insurance lie, for example, in dental cleaning at the dentist. With the statutory health insurance, this type of treatment is not considered necessary. With private health insurance, on the other hand, this benefit is 100% guaranteed in addition to the payment of dental prostheses.

Another advantage of private health insurance is that medical practices prefer privately insured persons. This leads to a higher probability that appointments will be made more quickly than with statutory health insurance.

Finding the best private health insurance

The range of private insurances is large and confusing. It is difficult to keep track and good research is everything. An offer comparison is worthwhile in each case and this succeeds most simply with a PHI computer for private health insurance under Here you will find an extensive range of current information for private health insurance.

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