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Whether you’re a sole-standing influencer or a proper business entity, having a stellar Instagram profile can benefit you immensely. With this social networking platform receiving more than 500 million active users on a daily basis, the opportunities for making meaningful connections (and loads of money) simply catapult. So, if you’re just starting out in this field and would like to know how to increase your visibility in a short time, then implement the following engagement-improving tips to fulfill your goals.

Post at Optimal Times

This is, perhaps, one of the greatest tips I can give you for improving your Instagram game, especially if you’re new at it. The algorithm, which operates at the core of this social networking platform, only cares about the number of engagements that you’re receiving on your profile(s). The higher the audience views, the better the exposure you will get. So, how can you bolster the views? By posting your content times when the Instagram traffic is at its peak. Stats show Wednesday (3 p.m.), Thursday (5 a.m., 11 a.m., and 3-4 p.m.) and Friday (5 a.m.) to be the most optimal engagement times.

Invest in Professional-Looking Visuals

Instagram is a platform that profits from the circulation of photos + videos more than long textual posts. Therefore, it is this visual content which you have to level-up first in order to increase your profile’s visibility and engagement rate. How can you do that? By capturing bold, striking, color-coordinated and breathtaking images/videos that best describe your essence and transport the viewer into a whole different realm. There are multiple tools which you can use to give a professional treatment to your visual content, like VSCO, Afterlight, and Facetune, etc. Check out more of these celebrity-preferred tools online with your reliable Windstream online network, and make your pictures eye-popping.

Artfully Incorporate Hashtags

A hashtag is a keyword or a phrase that’s preceded by ‘#’ and has a thematic ring to it. This term helps the users narrow their search results and check out the latest trending posts in a particular subject. Moreover, it enables influencers and Instagram newbies (like you!) extend their reach to their ideal markets, and advertise their brands effectively. There are multiple categories of hashtags, including industry-wise (#food), niche-wise (#baking), brand-wise (#pastriesandpuffs), community-wise (#bakersunited), location-wise (#bakersofsanfrancisco) and event-wise (#sundaybakeoff) etc. According to stats, having a single hashtag in your post can amplify its engagement rate by 12.6%. So, go ahead and use up to a minimal number of 11 hashtags in your posts to boost your profile visibility like a pro.

Experiment with Instagram’s Multiple Video Formats

Both short-form and long-form videos manage to acquire higher traffic than simple photos in Instagram’s algorithm. Why? Let me answer that with an instance. Say you have a party to go to and are just beginning to do your makeup. You type #smokyeyes in the search bar and are presented with an assortment of aesthetic images on the one side and quick tutorial videos on the other. Which visual format will you be more likely to tap open? The vids, right? Because they show you exactly how you can get the smoky eye look in a jiffy. Thereby, more audience likes. So, if you’re smart, you’ll follow these signs and focus on creating a more dynamic content than the static one to boost your visibility. You can try various formats:

Live Video—Start a live video of an event, business operation or carry out a simple heart-to-heart conversation with your user-base in real-time. Show the people that there is a face behind your brand. Let them know you are from their own lot. Play the relatability factor to your advantage.

Stories—Convey your brand’s message by uploading regular stories of stuff that’s unique to you and that’ll catch people’s interest. Instagram stories have a 400 million+ daily user mark, and though they may not largely affect the engagement algorithm altogether, they can surely direct traffic to your account and help in enhancing your visibility. This format is best for short-form vids.

IGTV—Be a part of the vertical video trend that Instagram’s popularizing through its IGTV feature. You don’t have to get heavy-duty technical equipment to make an IGTV-friendly video. Users will watch your regular phone-made video too, as long as it's appealing and meaningful. This format is best for long-form vids.

Therefore, use these trending video formats cleverly and see your followers shoot up in the count.

Play the Quid Pro Quo Game for Enhancing Visibility

In short, offer something to get something.

Even in daily life, when you come across a pitch or a sales proposition, you tend to ask: “But… what’s in it for me?” This mode of thinking is more common in the skeptical online community, who have a lot of other options to go for besides yours, and an attention span that’s smaller than a goldfish. So, how can you attract their attention and retain it too? By offering them tasty delights from time to time. Carry out campaigns like giveaways, polls, contests on a consistent basis, and keep them abuzz.

On the whole, I’d like to say that becoming famous on Instagram is admittedly a difficult feat, yet not an impossible one. Don’t let the massive journey ahead overwhelm you. Start out simple by following the aforementioned tips and you’ll do just fine. Trust me.

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