How to Choose a Phone Repair Service?

In the era of technology, almost every person owns a cell phone to make calls, send messages and browse the internet. However, like other tech gadgets, people experience multiple problems with their cell phones. There are a variety of issues that happen with the cell phones, that needs repair.

Cell phone repair and maintenance is a million dollar business for technicians and repair facilities. The best way to repair a cell phone is to rush to an authorized service centre. However, every person does not visit a service centre, and some prefer getting their phone repaired from local repair facilities.

The local repair facilities don’t offer the same quality as the authorized service centers. Some offer good, but some provide low quality. Moreover, some charge you a low price while some charge the same as the service centers.

Therefore, if you choose to repair your phone from a repair facility other than the authorized service centres, you need to consider many things. First of all, you need to do proper research to find out the best facility and then choose the right repair shop. This post shares some tips for selecting the best repair services for your phone.


You should only choose a repair service with a good reputation as reputed facilities offer excellent quality services. The best way to check the status of the company is to check the online reviews. Customers provide a star rating to the services and also post about their experience.

For every facility, you will find both positive and negative reviews. You should choose a facility with more than 90 percent positive reviews. Moreover, you can also ask your friends and colleagues if they have used the services of the company you are looking for.


Nothing can beat professional expertise. You must ask the facility owner about how long they have been offering the repair services. It is also necessary to ask about the experience they have in repairing the cell phone of the company whose phone you want to fix.

Some facilities specialize in repairing iPhones while some specialize in repairing Blackberry and phones of other companies. If you find a repair facility that specializes in repairing the cell phones of your company, you should get your phone repaired from them.

In simple words, more the experience of the facility, more the quality of work you can expect from them. Also, check the experience of the technicians working in a facility.

Turnaround time

Our smartphones are essential for us as we depend on them for many daily tasks and activities. We set reminders that remind us of many important tasks and things that need to be done. You cannot wait for a week to get your cell phone repaired. It is essential to ask about the turnaround time while visiting a repair facility. Most reputed facilities repair and provide you the phone on the next day. However, minor repairs can be done on the same day. You must look for a facility that can repair and hand you the phone on the same day or the next day.

Customer Service

You can get the idea of the quality of services from the way they communicate with the customers. Whether it is a local service shop or a national cellphone repair service, you can get an idea from the way they talk to you.

Once you find some reputed facilities, call them on the phone and ask them about their services and how long they would take to repair your cellphone. If they offer you excellent customer service, you can expect a good quality of repair from them.

Warranty of repair

As you spend money on the repair of your phone, it is good to get a warranty for the same. Some reputed repair facilities offer a warranty for their work and repair of cellphones. Some facilities provide a warranty for 6 months while others offer for one complete year.

In case the same problem arises again within the warranty period, the facility can repair it free of cost or at a nominal charge. You should look for a company that offers a warranty for repair work. However, the charges of these repair facilities would be higher than those not offering a warranty.

Request for quotes

Most reputed repair companies would offer you a price quote to make you aware of what you need to pay in advance to avail the service. If you want to get your phone repaired form a facility that didn’t offer you a quote, you can ask them to provide the same.
Once you come to know about the top repair facilities for your phone, you can ask them for no obligation quote. After receiving the quotes from different facilities, compare them and also the services and warranties offered.


Some companies offer discounts and other facilities if you take their membership for a year. Look for such offers only if they are offered by reputed facilities and that offer quality services. Never choose a company merely based on discounts and freebies.

Final Words

These factors can help you to choose a phone repair facility for your cellphone. You can search for the reputed facilities in your area online. For example, if you live in Palmerston, you can search for phone repairs Palmerston to have a list of the repair facilities near you.
Considering the reputation, experience, turnaround and other factors in this post can help you to choose the right repair facility for your cellphone.

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