Three Reasons to Invest in Bitcoin in 2019

Bitcoin is one of the most talked topics in the past two years. In 2017, the value of bitcoin increased tremendously but in 2018 the value has been corrected. In 2018, bitcoin lost around 70% of its start price in January. In January 2018, the value of bitcoin was around $14,000 and in December 2018 the value was around $4,000. So investors are now more conscious before buying cryptocurrency like bitcoin. An interesting fact is that many people think that the age of cryptocurrency has come to an end but if you read the whole article you will understand that there are a lot of things bitcoin can still offer to its investors.

• Adoption of Bitcoin Increasing Worldwide

The popularity of bitcoin is increasing day by day. A study shows that the adoption of bitcoin is increasing among developed and emerging countries. The tendency to gather bitcoin through bitcoin faucets is also increasing day by day. As the numbers are increasing, it shows the peoples interest in bitcoin. Although bitcoin faced some ups and downs in last year, as bitcoin adoption is still increasing, we can be sure of the fact that bitcoin has a good future. Bitcoin’s market is largely expanding in the emerging markets and it is forecasted to grow in the near future.

• New Regulations: Good or Bad?

Bitcoin has no boundary, no country, no law and no bindings. Now everyone knows that new regulations are coming to control the cryptocurrency and the group of developed countries G20 meeting in 2018 has shown interest in making the regulations for cryptocurrency.

As there were no regulations previously, bitcoin was quite unstable and observed a large difference in value between 2017 and 2018. But new regulation may control the bitcoin market a bit and can make your investment more secure. New regulation may attract more retail investors and will expand the market more and more.

• Bitcoin is still developing

After opening in 2009, bitcoin has changed a lot of its features including security features and still, they are working to develop the bitcoin features. Bitcoin developers are working to increase its usability, to make smart contracts, etc.

Many of the world’s leading stock exchange has declared to trading using bitcoin. For example, NASDAQ already opened bitcoin indices and many other stock exchanges are yet to open their features of opening bitcoin trading.

Worldwide bitcoin is becoming popular day by day. Popular retailers like Microsoft and Baidu are now accepting bitcoin payments. Some uncertainty arose after falling prices of bitcoin in 2018, but still, investors, famous companies, stock exchanges are accepting bitcoin and showing interest in trading bitcoin. Looks like, the affection to bitcoin invest is not going to be over in recent years. Day by day, bitcoin keeping its foot mark on the world’s currency market due to its exceptional security features So, undoubtedly it will be a good option to invest in bitcoin in 2019.

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