Creating Animation in Silverlight

In this article I am going to demonstrate that how to use simple animation in Silverlight by using Visual Studio 2010. For creating any animation in Silverlight you have to perform two tasks. First create a StoryBoard object and set some properties to that object then create an object in which you want to apply story board.

Following XAML code represent demonstration of Animation in Silverlight
<Grid x:Name='LayoutRoot' Background='White'>
            <Storyboard x:Name='storyBoard'>
                <DoubleAnimation Storyboard.TargetName='rotateTransform' Storyboard.TargetProperty='Angle' From='0' To='360' Duration='0:0:5'
                                 RepeatBehavior='Forever' AutoReverse='True' />
        <Rectangle Fill='LightBlue' x:Name='rectangle' Height='100' Width='100'>
                <RotateTransform x:Name='rotateTransform' />
Save application and execute it.

Creating Animation in Silverlight

Creating Animation in Silverlight


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Amit Singh
Amit Singh

Silverlight is powerful for graphics etc.
so this is the helpful article how make the animation like application in silverlight.


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