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Replacement iPhone 5 Parts Make Your Phone Good as New

Darren Chappel 607 19-Apr-2019

Cellphones are probably the second most expensive item that just about everyone owns, right after cars. A phone is a lifeline with instant access to loved ones, emergency personnel, and all the information in the world just waiting at our fingertips. Most people would say their phone is a necessity, but the fact remains that new phones are priced like luxuries, and sometimes we just don’t have a couple hundred dollars sitting around to be spent on upgrading or fixing a trusty iPhone 5, no matter how many generations of iPhones have come after. The bad news is the iPhone 5 you’ve been using since 2012 is probably past its warranty by now, but the good news is you don’t need a warranty to buy inexpensive iPhone 5 Parts from parts distributors like iDemiGods to fix your phone up yourself!

Parts distributors like iDemiGods use their supply connections to buy brand new phone parts for extremely low prices. This allows them to turn a profit while selling parts to customers like you for well under $30. For example, you can order a brand new iPhone 5 Replacement OEM Battery from iDemiGods for $8.50! When you compare that price tag to the $49 out of warranty battery replacement fee Apple charges when you take your phone to their store, you may be thinking that this $40 price difference is too good to be true. But when you have Apple replace your battery for you, you pay the cost of the new battery plus the cost of the employee’s service time. If you have the right tools – and iDemiGods does include an eight-piece tool kit with your battery purchase – you can replace your iPhone 5 battery in fifteen to forty minutes with the help of an article or a YouTube video, and skip that service fee. That means that by taking matters into your own hands you’ll save at least a dollar per replacement minute!

The same can be said for other iPhone 5 parts as well. You can fix almost any iPhone just by replacing its problematic parts, making it almost as good as new for a fraction of the cost of a new model.

Does your iPhone 5 no longer work with your USB charging cable? You may need to replace the lighting connector. Check to make sure the problem is your phone and not your USB cable – test the cable with other USB connecting items or test your phone with a different USB cable. If you’re certain the problem is your phone, then order an iPhone 5 Lightning Dock Port Charging Connector & Headphone Jack Cable Black for $14.50 at iDemiGods and replace the lighting connector, microphone, and headphone jack all at once. If the visual appearance of your iPhone is very important to you, you can also get this dock connector assembly in white at the same price.

If your iPhone 5 is missing buttons due to long term wear and tear, you can order an iPhone 5 Power and Lock Button White (or black) from iDemiGods for just $4.99, or an iPhone 5 and 5C Home Button White (or black) for $6.99. If you have the buttons but they don’t seem to work when you press them, you’ll want an iPhone 5 Audio Control and Power Button Cable, costing $24.99, or an iPhone 5 Home Button Ribbon Cable costing $14.99. Any problem you might be having can be fixed with the right iPhone 5 parts and a little bit of your spare time.

At iDemiGods, you’ll find everything from external buttons to screen protectors, rear cameras, loudspeakers, batteries, and SIM card trays to fix up your iPhone 5, or any other Apple devices you have in your home. A clever consumer knows better than to pay someone else for work they can get done themselves. Stop paying for phone repairs and new phones when repairs aren’t offered, and take your phone into your own hands.

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Updated 19-Apr-2019

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