Ways to follow to make your content good for Google

If you create an interesting blog and now the only thing bothering you is how to increase the visibility of your online content. We all want love from Google right? However, you have already heard about SEO. But many people are still finding the answer to what SEO has to do with their online content. Well, if you are serious about boosting up your Google rankings or any other search engine rankings, for that matter SEO plays a vital role. Here are some ways which can help you write WordPress blogs content to get top in Google. However, these will also increase your search engine rankings. 

Title of Blogs:

However, WordPress comes with a number of built-in features. Moreover, this will make the task of optimizing your content a lot less challenging. Let’s start with writing the title of blogs. If you want to achieve better search engine rankings then, you need to pay attention to your titles. These are crucial because of two reasons:

• First of all, they will tell the search engine, what your website is about.

• Secondly, they are the most important aspect and are responsible for the first impression people have when they read your blog.

Therefore, to increase traffic on your website, your titles should be engaging, relevant and unique. Hence, you need to pay careful attention to the first words in your titles. As a result, your search rankings in the search engines will get higher.

Table of Contents

After, making your title most impactful to the visitors, you can organize the key topics in the table of contents. This is the second way that you can follow in order to make your website blogs on the top. When your readers see the well-organized content, they will really appreciate it. They indulge more time in reading your organized content, which will reduce the bounce rate of the website. Google and other search engines will also recognize your articles while indexing. As a result, your site Google rankings get improved.

Linking with the other articles

A lot of users avoid linking their content within the website. As a result, it will take away their visitors, resulting in less conversion rate. Adding links which redirect your web page to another page inside the website seems to be helpful. However, it will improve your readability of the site. Moreover, people will get a clear idea about your blog because of these relevant links. With the help of these links, your targeted visitors get attracted to your blogs. In addition, your search engines will build a connection to your website with others. Therefore, it is beneficial to link up the blog of the same niche as your blog.

Designing meaningful Graphics

Yes, you have read right! Graphics also play an important role in content publishing. If the graphics you made are not related to the content published, then it may worsen up the content. If you have not designed graphics accurately as per your content, then consider redesigning all your content images. However, it is an integral part of the content that deserves attention. The articles that contains images gets 95 percent more views as compared to that which doesn’t contain. The graphic can be images & logos that may reflect the identity of the content.

Find Graphics Designing Experts that will make the images such that it covers individual pieces of content. So, start adding images to your content and make people stay a bit longer on your website..

Yoast SEO

Since adding images to your content is not enough. You have to optimize your content for better rank on Google. Installing the Yoast SEO plugin on your website will help you to some extent. However, it is the most popular plugin in WordPress that will help you to optimize your website’s content. This will need expertise that will help you in SEO optimization. Yoast is a page analysis tool that checks readability, keywords & use of passive verbs on your website. In addition, it will also check if the images contain Alt tags or not.

Adding Meta Description

Most of the people may not know about Meta descriptions. Certainly, you have seen it before. Have you ever noticed the text of two-three lines under the blue link? If yes, then that is Meta description of the article. However, it provides a brief summary of the article that you have written.

Moreover, the description you should enter should be engaging and unique. However, if you write a relevant Meta description of an article then, it would help you to achieve a better ranking. In addition, you can make the use of Yoast SEO plugin that will automatically create an SEO friendly Meta description.

Sharing on Social Media

The fact is that two-thirds of the adults living in the United States get news from Social Media. This could be one of the reasons that you can optimize your content on different social media platforms. However, one thing you should always kept in mind that you can customize your titles & Meta descriptions in such a way that they look more engaging for the audience.

Proof Reading

The most important work you can do after completing your article is proof of reading the content. Check spellings and flow of content so that the reader may get most out of your WordPress. Also, keep in mind that you are checking spelling, not for readers. However, it will help to boost search rankings on Google & other search engines.


In this article, we have discussed the ways that will make your content good for Google. In addition, people may make most out of your WordPress content. Moreover, once you get familiar with WordPress SEO, you can improve your Search Engine Rankings without paying anything for professional wordpress maintenance services.

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