Artificial Intelligence Based Web Service for Income Tax Professionals of India hit the market

Honorable Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi declared ‘Startup India’ scheme in 2016 and since then it started to revolutionize the IT industry of India. As a reason, the position of India in the world market is on the top side ever in history and it is reducing the unemployment among the young stars of the country. Many IT industries are evolving and making the service easier and transparent than ever. Income tax, related judiciary appeals, cases are not an exemption too.

Which two factors can motivate the income tax appeals in Indian Judiciary? The answer is Transparency and Accountability. To ensure good governance both transparency in works and accountability to the people is necessary. Keeping these two themes in mind, a web research tool named ‘’ emerged in the market. The most interesting news is that this web research tool uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to analyze the income tax case laws. has a collection of over 2,00,000 judgments given by courts and various other organizations. This huge database of ‘Income Tax’ related cases could be a great resource to study the related law and is useful for the practitioners related to income tax.

What are the best features?

• Subscription is totally free. So you need not have any extra money involved.

• is a combination of artificial intelligence and machine learning which gives you an accurate result.

• The user can get the results and filter them. Filters are based on court name, judge name, case assessment year or keywords. You have some good search tool to search for your relative keywords and find the cases you want to know about. Moreover, you can view or download the results of the income tax cases on PDF format. This options give you full control of the solved cases and help you to gain experience based on the previous income tax appeals and cases.

• You can share the documents to your lawyer to your friends using Facebook, Twitter or other other social media users including chatting software. This gives you the portability of using the documents anywhere in the world.

• The user can create ‘Personal Folder’ and rename it to save the specific client information on the right database. Clicking on ‘Add to Favorites’ option will let you know your favorite cases for future use.

• You can filter the judgments given by the court whether it goes for a client or against the client. This option gives you a complete idea of the cases in which assessee wins.

• They have the option of subscribing to their ‘Weekly Newsletter’. Through subscribing the user can keep themselves updated to every information related to income tax.

For Whom it could be Useful?

This free income tax web research tool could be useful for the lawyers, Chartered Accountants, income tax practitioner, enthusiastic readers or even for personal users. This resource could be extremely useful for research purpose and may help researchers of law enforcing agencies to update their training on income tax.

  Modified On Mar-27-2020 07:17:04 AM

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