Nowadays CRM software is indispensable for most companies. The customer has become the focus of attention over time, not least due to the increasing importance of digitalization. This has happened through the many possibilities by which the customer can get informed about products and companies. Thus, many companies consider their customers, as well as sincere and regular communication with them, to be their greatest asset.

The advantages of CRM software vary widely. By documenting the information gathered in customer contact in detail, the company can build up customer relationships differently and better. Customer service can thus be improved, for example, through personalized customer contact or targeted presentation of individual offers.

These measures make it possible to present and evaluate all customer relationships in a much more transparent manner. One of the most important factors, which is conditioned by the detailed documentation, is the conclusion on the success of the individual products. Based on the behaviour of the customers, success calculations and performance values can be derived. Thus, a continuous optimization of the products is possible, which in turn can be measured in business success.

Disadvantages of CRM software are difficult to find despite - or precisely because of - the many advantages. A disadvantage, which can result from an insufficient research about the requirements and wishes of the CRM software, is the limited functionality.

This problem can also occur when saving money when investing in a CRM system in order to meet a possible predetermined budget. Ultimately, a well-functioning CRM system is associated with so many opportunities that a saving in purchase can even result in higher costs due to the resulting increased workload.

For this reason, the requirements for a CRM system should be precisely determined. Only if this system functions optimally after the acquisition, the added value of the customer loyalty measures and the product development can result optimally.

Currently on the market there are many CRM System providers. The decision on which one to choose is not an easy task. But we can make our purchasing decision easer. Firstly, answer yourself some questions. Think on it, what is the biggest problem within your company that the CRM System could solve. How big is your company? Which budget would you like to invest in it? Some of the CRM providers, offer to their clients the trial version of the software so they can try it, how it works out for them. For example, one of the popular CRM System providers – Teamleader, has the two weeks free trial for their customers. Testing CRM system for about two weeks can make our purchase decision much easier. If you want to be sure, that you choose the right software, you can test more of them and then decide which one you choose for your company.

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