These Reasons Might Convince You To Use Amazon Web Services If You Aren’t Already Using Them

These Reasons Might Convince You To Use Amazon Web Services If You Aren’t Already Using Them

The way the game is played? Always get the upper hand.

The name of the game? Business.

It’s no secret that we make extensive use of our ability to create to make our lives easier and to help improve our productivity. It’s our defining trait as a species, after all. And it’s the way we’ve always been. However, as we continue to develop our technologies, we also seem to unwittingly develop our problems with them.

Thus comes a more modern adage. As they say, modern problems require modern solutions, especially when you consider the rate at which we’re now able to further develop our technology.

With the advent of technology, we’ve moved many of our businesses from the purely physical, and into the virtual. And while all these businesses have gained the ability to reach an audience far and wide, it causes a new problem. We now have to consider the cost of not just setting up an online business, but also in keeping it operational.

Not everyone has the resources that can enable them to afford the hardware needed to support an online business. And this is what makes cloud computing such a good alternative.

What is Cloud Computing?

At its core, cloud computing is the delivery of services through the internet. These computing tasks include storage, data analysis, storage, and so many more. What makes cloud computing so appealing, especially for businesses that cannot afford new computer systems, is that they are able to perform vital operational tasks without the need to purchase expensive computer systems. But what exactly makes cloud computing such a viable alternative?

Cloud Computing is Scalable

The beauty of cloud computing is that it can easily scale up or down with your business. There isn’t a need to purchase more computers if your business grows; in fact, the exact opposite holds true. Because your computers are essentially virtualized, it’s very easy to adapt to how your business changes.

It Essentially Eliminates Infrastructure Costs

The epitome of cloud computing can be found in the form of Amazon Web Services. This is the very infrastructure that Amazon has been using since it was launched back in 2006 and it’s this system that has helped Amazon grow into the business it is today. AWS has made such an impact on the business that there is no shortage of voices and mediums that second this. A good example of such a medium is this AWS Podcast that delves deeply into how AWS can be used to maximum effect.

The best part about AWS is that you only pay for the time that you actually make use of these services. The very moment that you end your session, you are no longer being billed by the company, which makes for a very fair transaction.

Your Files are Not Only Accessible, They’re Also Secure

It’s strange to hear these two adjectives used together, but that’s exactly what AWS brings to the table. Many small businesses may have their reservations on opting to store important data on the cloud. But that’s totally normal. They need only look at how Amazon has grown to realize that AWS is a secure platform, especially when you remember that AWS has been the exact same platform that has kept Amazon online for many years.

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Veselina Dzhingarova

Veselina Dzhingarova

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