By now, you’ve probably heard of using social media for business promotion. Homeowners will click through websites and social media, or even ask for referrals on Facebook. As you develop your social media presence, you’ll find that Internet marketing for plumbers via social media has many benefits. But just how do you use Facebook to market yourself as a plumber?

Paid Advertising

Investing some money into Facebook can help your page and audience base grow. With paid advertising, you can run ads that result in more likes, promote posts that announce sales, or use sidebars to entice people to click on your website link. Targeting ads is an important strategy. For example, you can segment your audience by city, specific interests, or demographic groups.

Hard Work

The effort you dedicate can pay off as well. Publish posts frequently and respond to your customers promptly and you can build a reputation. An organic post can reach some of your target audience if it addresses their interests or concerns. You can also invite others directly to like your page, starting with those who’ve liked your posts in the past.

The most engaging posts are ones that:

Ask a relevant question 

Include a conversation starter 

Post a relevant image or infographic 

Reveal an interesting statistic 

Not every post needs to focus on your service or business; writing about related topics can be useful. However, avoid controversial topics and those that don’t relate to your audience at all. Also, avoid sounding demeaning to anyone in any way.

Encourage Reviews

Little reminders, even for people who appreciate your business, can ensure your quality of service gets recognition. The more positive reviews you get on Facebook, Google, or Yelp, the more people who will be reassured when they need your plumbing services.

Be Consistent and Responsive

Although spending hours every day isn’t necessarily, aim for posting at least twice a week. It will keep your audience engaged. But avoid posting too much; more than twice a day can overwhelm users. A consistent flow of posts, however, can result in a steady stream of likes, shares, and comments, meaning your audience is showing interest by responding to your content.

You’re getting comments—great! But don’t ignore them. Respond to negative comments with regard to the customer’s concerns and offer solutions where possible. Try to respond to as many posts as possible. Being active on Facebook will engage users and contribute to building trust and authority.

Become a Social Media Plumber

Don’t be afraid to share your expertise and passion. Also, reciprocate what you expect to get. Like and share posts from other users. Answer someone’s plumbing questions or join an online group. Participating in a conversation gives you a chance to sound off and throw in mentions about your services. You can be as discrete or direct as you want with marketing your business, but Internet marketing for plumbers can bring success when done right. National Positions is a company that can help get you there.

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