What are the things you should look for when making sure a facility cares about its’ tenants? Not everyone believes that customer service will win you customers in the long run. There are many self storage owners that believe that you can win the business of many people just by offering a very low price. That can not be so far from the truth. Owners need to realize that there is more to keeping customers around to store with them. Below are a few things which will help you determine if a storage facility is right for you now and for your long term storage needs.

Convenience: Does the property make it easy to store? Unfortunately not many owners think about their location. For the owners that do, they should ensure that the customers can get to their facility well. Sometimes a customer will be able to see the facility from the street but they are not able to get in due to how the facility entrance is. Having a way into the facility off the main street can really help with making the location convenient for them.

Are there a lot of hidden charges you were not told about? There are some facilities that will actually wait until the customer comes into the storage facility in order to tell them what the extra costs there are to store. Some customers will still decide to rent where other customers will decide to go ahead and walk out. No one wants to feel that they are being lied to.

Do you have to sign contracts or give a deposit? Most companies inform customers that they can store month to month. So why sign a contract to stay for six months or more if you just are not planning to store that long? There are many facilities that just say pay for the storage as long as you need it. When you do not need it anymore go ahead and move out.

Helpfulness: Does the property take extra steps to help you move? Having a property manager that will help you get all of your belongings moved safely is a property manager worth being around. Now of course there are some managers that will physically help you move, where others will simply instruct you on where to go. Either way they are being helpful to you. Are there dollies, carts, elevators, and loading docks? These are all good questions to know about the facility. If you are storing on the second floor, you do not want to haul things up the stairs. Having a dolly to get your couch from your truck to your self storage unit is very helpful.

Owners need to keep these things in mind when either running or building a new self storage facility. Yes they can have very low prices but will those low prices keep them their or make the customer happy. If the customer has an issue they want to know that their self storage manager will take care of them. Otherwise, they will go somewhere else to a facility where the manager made them feel at ease.

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