Clean air ducts perk up the air quality in your home and workplace. However cleaning air ducts is not an easy task it is better done by a professional. SK Cleaning Services is such a professional cleaning company that not only cleans duct, but also restores and dehumidifies vents and cleans air ducts.

Our professional team uses the best dryer vent cleaning tools and HVAC duct cleaning techniques to remove humidity and mold remains from your air conditioning system. We use special extractors, brushes and vacuums to reach all the parts of your AC for efficient removal of mold and germs remains. On completion of your air duct cleaning, we provide an overall airing system examination and a assurance that it is perfectly clean.

Depending on the make and size of your air ducts, SK Cleaning Services guarantees you a reasonable price for air duct cleaning. Our rates for commercial and residential air duct cleaning services change according to the size of your business.

How improve the quality of your interior air with Professional Duct Cleaning
Based on your heating and cooling air conditioning system, our professionals not only clean air ducts, but also clean ducts, air duct vents, diffusers and grilles, fan motors, drip pans and coils of heating and cooling system to improve the quality of your indoor air.

.With this extensive cleaning, we help prevent the buildup of dust, infestation of debris and pollen, the growth of mold and spores and micro-bacterial pollution. All this is done by our professionals using powerful mold removal equipment to clean inside of ducts and remove any dirt found in them. We also use powerful vacuum cleaners to remove any remainder dirt so that you are left with a clean and dirt free air duct in your house and place of work.

We operate with state of the art equipment that makes use of the latest technology in the Duct Cleaning Melbourne field in order to ensure optimal results and perfect performance. We will start cleaning your air conditioning ducts from top to bottom. The air vent covers should be cautiously washed and cleaned.

Since we keep our customers’ satisfaction at the highest esteem, we will make sure to finish our job in a timely fashion and up to all the highest standards of the business. You can choose the time for our team to come to your place. It is your comfort that we are after, and so we are ready to carry out our Air Conditioning Duct Cleaning tasks outside standard working hours or even in the weekends. No task is too small or too big for us, so you can rest assured that we will approach your cleaning project with utmost professionalism, regardless of its nature and scope.

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