What can you buy with Bitcoin?

What can you buy with Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital currency that is already used in most parts of the world. Bitcoin does not exist in paper form but rather only digitally. It may be used as an investment opportunity, or to make purchases. Bitcoins are not a new currency for people across the world and nowadays just about anything can be bought with them. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that can be used as money and people can buy goods, services, clothes and pay for holidays using bitcoin. You can buy bitcoin in the Ukraine with almost all payment methods, and you can trade your bitcoin to any payment method in a quick, simple and secure method.

Spend bitcoin

Bitcoin price has been fluctuating since its inception and it is gaining popularity amongst people which is making its value increase. You may be surprised to know that you can buy bitcoin in many parts of the world already. According to the latest development in the Ukraine’s capital Kiev, Bitcoin adoption is continuously increasing. You can now buy fruits and vegetables with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in Kiev using the crypto payment processor. The well-known Bessarabian market in Kiev now offers users the opportunity to even buy their fruit and vegetables with Bitcoin. Many agencies are making efforts to take bitcoin and cryptocurrencies to the mainstream. They have been implementing crypto payments for online stores, salons and clinics. Ukraine has since been moved to regulate Bitcoin among cryptocurrencies as the financial instruments. Bitcoin is not controlled by the government, therefore you are the only owner of this asset.

In the Ukraine, BUY Bank was the first official agency that allowed bitcoin exchange to USD/UAH cash or withdrawal to a card of any bank.

How can you buy Bitcoin?

As the market grows, buying bitcoins in Ukraine is getting more affordable and people are now able to spend their cryptocurrency in various stores. Kiev is the eighth most populated city in Europe, and it is home of many high-tech industries, higher education institutions and world-renowned landmarks.

Businesses who accept Bitcoin in Ukraine

1. Apple repair service – You can use bitcoin in Ukraine’s largest service centre for Apple products.

2. Asant Floral Studio – This store offers modern floristry courses that is taught by teachers with international standards and vast experience in the field.

3. AvtoPlenka Auto Shop – This company specialises in window films for motor vehicles in Ukraine and Russia.

4. Blitz Travel Agency – This business offers clients the opportunity to travel throughout the world without having to plan beforehand.

5. Clock face café – This café only charges you for the time you spend there.

6. Omega Climate – The store sells climate related gadgets such as heaters and air-conditioning units.

7. U-Drive Federation – This service provides coverage and savings for your vehicle maintenance and accidents.

8. Video Fabrika – The company produces high quality photos, posters and invitations.

The city is full of stores and services that accept bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and it is becoming increasingly easier to trade using bitcoin.  

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