Leapwork: Design intelligent software automation

Leapwork automation platform is empowered to deliver solutions to business enterprises by providing intelligent software automation. It automates the whole process from testing to business verification. It lets the users build and execute the tasks in a designed flowchart and allows both technical specialist and non-developers to test automation of the device without going through the codes and execute with a single click. Hence Leapwork reduces the load and tedious work of the employees making it reliable.

Leapwork automation tool is made for the modern generation featuring visual-based workflow engine. It is built with three main components: The studio, the controller, the agent.

The studio: It is the desktop application where the user can design the test cases, run it and view results on the dashboards and reports.

The controller: It is the service responsible for hosting test cases, scheduling triggers and configuring remote environments.

The Agent: It takes care of the execution of test cases in the machine.

Leapwork Features

Transparency of test cases: Leapwork enables self-test automation without the need for codes. The flowcharts show the test cases, designed on canvas with all logic needed for automation.

All in one platform: It collaborates design, execution, scheduling and monitors testing in a single place. It allows you to work on test cases with teams, share project and feedback system in a loop for the department.

Customer support: Leapwork provides specialists on demand for live support and solving queries on test cases at all technical levels. Moreover, it also offers articles, product documents, knowledgebase and active learning centres, frequent product updates. It

Customisable Automation strategies: It is important to make the automation test cases more reliable. Leapwork lets the user create fail-safe methods to make it more reliable. The strategy editor allows a user to define an approach and consecutively retrieves an element in test cases.

Easy deployment: It lets users run test cases on virtual machines and in cloud-based services such as browser stack and sauce labs.

Report generation: Powerful live Dashboards and reports contribute to making the right decision. The dashboard gives a view of performance cases through charts and widgets. Customisation and exporting of data are possible through filtering and grouping option.

Know your failure reasons: On execution of the test cases, each and every step is documented. The documentation cases make it easy to identify the problems and reasons for failure.

Higher productivity: Leapwork allows users to roll out an active business process and result in better quality output. It also renders flexible and scalable automation of flows for various department. Leap can work in an offline mode.

Guardian of business-critical processes: It constantly monitors the system health to identify performance issues. For improving user experience, it measures latency, load time, pinpoint slowness.

Seamless integration: It integrates with Microsoft office, Xero allowing your data to merge into any document, form or email. It also allows integration with release systems and bug management systems. 

Security: Data encryption protocols are used by Leapwork for keeping your data safe.

Scheduling: Leapwork also customisation of schedules in terms of frequency. Users can also set the run duration and number of repetitions with custom intervals. The Leapwork Automation platform relies on four major automation technologies each troubleshooting specific challenges.

SAP automation: Leapwork offers capabilities for SAP automation. It verifies the cross-application processes and also generates master data.

Image recognition: Leapwork provides a powerful platform to recognise text, images and automates Citrix, graphics, games and mobile apps.

In this age of IOT, the workload is heaping up. There is a need to improve the testing scope and debugging accuracy. With Leapwork, experts can get rid of their tedious tasks.

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