The Most Remarkable UI Kits for Website & Mobile to Consider in 2019

Life moves at a fast pace and so as it moves, it changes a whole lot of things around us. It hasn’t been long when we started using our first smartphone device or we logged into our first website. Before that, we never knew what user-interface was all about and how much importance it held in the development market; all we ever knew was that its a screen of our device and an easy to understand interface is a gateway to connect with the device and operate through and through.

However today, things have dramatically changed. Every other business nowadays requires a website or a mobile app to interact with customers. It’s because every other individual now is more connected through devices than they are physically in person. We have stepped into a new age of technology where every other person is engaged in their smart devices. As a result, we see exponential growth in demand which simply outpaces the supply. There is so many similar software in the market that people all around now seek better experiences.

In situations as such, website and mobile kits play a significant part to help designers and developers create remarkable UI experiences for their customers. Are you building an amazing app or a website for your customers? Then are some of the best UI Kits I have assembled just for you. Now might be just the time to try and test them and make the best use of it.

1) Vera Block :

Vera Block contains free UI packs that go best with every other design that you are investing your budget in. Whether you are building a simple website or designing an amazing mobile layout, Vera Block can offer you the most amazing start. It will save you some good amount of hours on a clock because you don’t have to create everything right from the start. Vera Block offers several free templates to explore.

2) Widget Style UI Kit :

When designing websites, widget comes quite in handy. They can be adjusted into any section of the website. You can utilize different widget designs to complete different goals of your website. They are the best tools to execute your website marketing strategy. Now, you can style your website widgets remarkably using the widget style UI kit. Just pick the one that fits to your need and start using them. Here is some widget style UIs to pick and create an amazing website.

3) iOS 11 GUI Elements

With the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, we were introduced to a whole lot of new features and a completely new set of hardware design. To give the best user-experience, engineers at Apple have redesigned the appearance of Apple’s iOS UI. There are several new interesting UI elements which are added. To give them a unique look, the iOS 11 GUI Elements is a free UK kit with lots of interesting templates. When we talk from the design perspective both iOS 11 and iOS 12 follow the same footprints; hence, you can use the same kit to create both the designs.

4) DecoSpace :

When iPhone X was first released, it came with the new face unlock feature and the operating system of iOS was the first to support the Face ID. The DecoSpace UI kit utilizes the Face ID elements so you can sign-in into the application and make the best use by actually feeling and interacting with the design. This template is designed for interior furnishing applications. Since it is designed specifically for the iPhone devices, hence the application follows strict Apple guidelines. You can start your projects from scratch.

5) Relate: 

This particular UI kit is present in both, Sketch & Photoshop formats. All the icons used in this template are vector icons; so, here you can resize them as per your preferences. The best thing about this template is that it automatically adjusts to your workflow. So all you have to do is select the template which you want to use it as a creative layout at your desired location. Google fonts are also used in this template and these fonts are not only accessible but they also perform better across a range of devices.

6) Shards :

Since, we have discussed a lot about iOS application UI kits previously, here is one for all the Android lovers. The Shards is a UI kit which uses the material design style so you can create a fluid application. The UI kit involves a few new elements from the latest Google material design update and makes sure that your UI design will become future-proof for the next couple of years. The unique and engaging factor about this kit is that the creator involves both sketch and SCSS files and you are available to almost innumerable options of customization so you can start a project easily and efficiently within no time.

There are several interesting UI kits present in the global market. And developers working at some of the renowned web design London company can explain to you how these UI kits are becoming quite a norm. These are a few handful numbers of UI kits that I have discussed within my article today. If you have others in mind, then kindly please share your preferences with us. We would love to learn some more about them.  

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