6 UI Design Tips That Ensure App Success

6 UI Design Tips That Ensure App Success

More than 4 million apps reside in the mobile market, with hardly any that can boast of being unique and exceptional. For every application, there are many more present in the present competitive market. In a scenario like this, how will your app survive in the market? How will your application get a competitive advantage?

While there can be numerous ways to do so, the most effective method is to focus on the UI design of your app.

UI - What and Why It Matters

UI (User Interface) refers to the way a mobile application look and feel. It involves designing app elements and layouts that provide users with an easy, interactive and enjoyable experience while interacting with the app screens.

The mobile app UI design brings a significant impact on the mobile app success in numerous ways, such as:-

  • It attracts a wider range of Userbase

Since design is the first thing that one notices in a mobile application, the UI design helps to grab the attention of smartphone users while they are searching for some application on the App Store.

  • It leaves an everlasting impressions

The UI design not only prompt the users to tap on their app icon, but also encourage them to better understand and use the services/features of the application resulting in higher customer retention rates.

  • It provides you with loyal customers

A UI app design created by keeping the users’ needs and desires into consideration holds the power to bring them back on the app. It encourages them to tap on the application again and again, and look into what’s new on the application, implying it motivates them to remain stick with the platform and even recommend to other friends.

  • It makes your app featured on App Store

Besides ruling the hearts, a perfect mobile app UI design also helps in featuring the application on the App Store. It enables users to give ratings and share their reviews about the application, which boost the app ranking on the App Store searches.

So, if you want to get millions of downloads on your application or come under the Top 10 positions on the App Store list, look forward to investing in UI designing.

With this attended to, let’s uncover different tips that will help you to create a perfect UI design that delight the target user base.

Tips to Deliver Exceptional UI Experience

  • Invest Time in Understanding Your Users

The foremost thing to consider is look into your target will guide you to make an application that they love to use, and not the one that you want to present them. On doing so, you plan your app strategy wisely and come up with an application that the users want to experiment with, and not the one you wish to present them. This increases the chances of app downloads and customer retention.

  • Embrace Simplicity

Many mobile application development companies often look into introducing ample of features and layout elements into their application. This might sound as a full-proof method to entice users and bring more traction to your application, but it rather confuses them. With no understanding of what to choose next and how, they get frustrated and exit the platform.

In a scenario like this, the best UI tip to consider for app success is to look into simplicity. That means including only those app elements that are actually important in your application.

  • Employ Common Elements

Thanks to ample of applications available in the mobile industry, users have become acquainted to various icons. They couldn’t relate those features and functionalities with any other icon. In such a situation, it is necessary that you look into the market and pick those icons itself, instead of giving a unique touch to your application by introducing all new icons. This would do no good to your application rather than making the users confused and exit your platform.

  • Maintain Uniformity

Another proven tip to enhance mobile app design by improving its UI is to go for uniformity in the design. That implies keeping the app icons at the same position on all the screens so that the users do not need to think twice before tapping on any icon. They already know where which icon is present and what will happen on clicking on it.

  • Go for Size-Optimized Graphics

Many mobile app designers look for ‘one-size for all’ designs. However, this is not the right practice since it brings an adverse impact on the app’s overall appearance. So, look forward to building unique graphics for different targeted device screens.

Likewise, all the elements must be placed keeping the finger-size of the target audience into consideration. This will enable them to take the advantage of touch gestures and enjoy navigation on your app effortlessly.

  • Consider 508 Compliances and Standards

Last but not least, designing the UI as per the related security compliances is also helpful in gaining higher success. This is because treating the security compliances issues right from the first stage of mobile app development helps to make better efforts against data breaches and other privacy and security issues, resulting in better outputs.

So, these were some of the UI design tips that you can surely go for developing an impressive mobile application and gain higher momentum in the market. But, in case you are willing to know further, look for the best mobile app designers in the mobile market or simply leave a comment below.

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