How did I manage tough money crisis days?

How did I manage tough money crisis days?

Today I am going to tell you my own story. As always an emotional guy, becoming emotional when I am thinking of the days I passed by.

In 2015, I was a part-time graduate civil engineering student and was working with a construction company. One day in November, my father called me and told me that he needs around ten thousand United States Dollar within a few days. My father was a farmer and it was not possible for him to arrange that amount of money. I was in deep tension what to do?

Suddenly, Brian, my best friend (web security engineer by profession) plus colleague in the construction company suggested me something. At first, I did not believe him, because there was some risk and I heard a lot of scams related to those lending agencies. But he pushed me forward and what I found was really fascinating.

Actually, Brian suggested me of lending loans from online lending agencies. I searched on the web and found a lot of companies/agencies on the first page of Google. But I was going to choose the first one that appears on the Google search but Brian told me to verify the info. He pointed out that, not all of the companies do legit business and some of them are fraud too!!!

Brian taught me some tactics to find legit loans online. I have no other option except believing him as he was working as a web security engineer in that construction company.

What are the Tactics to find the legit loans online sources (mentioned by Brian, not me)?

• First of all, online money lenders will not ask for any upfront money. For example, online agencies who ask for processing fee before even processing your loan. Please keep a big distance from these companies/agencies.

• You are in crisis and you received an email mentioning “Hey, I can give you $$$$$, please send me your bank details”. These types of email are the most popular types of scam in the online and you should never reply to these emails with your bank details or any other sensitive information.

• The online agencies who are offering guaranteed loans can be a scam. The lending authority or bank needs to verify your information such as your income statement, bank statement, liabilities you have etc. before processing a loan. And the truth is there is no 100% guarantee that you will receive a loan. So, please avoid those who say, 100% guarantee I will manage the required loan for you.

• Please seek a license card from the borrowing agency. Obviously, the scammers will run away when you seek a licensed copy.

• Read an online review or scamming review. There are several websites who is collecting information on fraudulence activities.

• Do not send money via wire transfer although it is legit. Because you will not be able to get back your money if it is on the wrong hand. It is because in online you often do not know the person behind that transaction. Prefer a check instead of paying legitimate fees online.

• If necessary to send via wire transfer etc. always use an updated antivirus on your PC that keeps online scamming database.

• Try to verify the online identity of the lending bank/agency. A good agency/Bank will use https as HTML protocol. Moreover, they will use a secure online transaction system and they will have a well built, secured website.

• Read all of the documents sent by the lending bank/company or agency. Often they contain such clause that prevents your rights and can make you pay a lot of reimbursing the money.

• Check how much you need to pay each month or on each installment. The amount, interest rate etc. should be clearly printed on the paper on which you are going to sign. Otherwise, reject taking loans from those agencies.

It was a two hour long mentoring by Brian. He showed some of the scamming websites to me. As I had an updated antivirus, that website blocked instantly. But from his demonstration, I learned a lot about the online legit loans and fraudulent activities related to online loans.

Brian helped me the next couple of days to find a good online lending agency. I checked all of the documents for two days and finally signed for a loan agreement and received the money in my account within a week. The lending agency signed a tri-partial contract, by which they will deduct a portion of my salary as reimbursement of the money I have taken. Within sixteen months, I reimbursed all of the money. I was safe by dint of Brian, please keep yourself in a safe condition while you any type of loan and transaction either it is online or offline. Be safe!!!

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Khaled Syfullah

Khaled Syfullah

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