How to treat fungal issues

Fungal infection can be very irritating and frustrating. It can cause a lot of discomfort and it can also lead to some embarrassing situations. But fungal infections are generally not life threatening. There are various kinds of fungal infections from which one can suffer but the most common one’s that one faces are toe nail infection, athlete’s foot, yeast infection, jock itch, oral thrush and ringworms. 

One can use anti fungal medications in order to treat these problems. There is ketomac anti fungal cream which can be used in order to treat fungal issues but one needs a doctor’s prescription to get it over the counter from any drug store.

Apart from medications, there are also some natural ways to kill fungus issues and infections.

Yogurt and Probiotics

Women do suffer a lot from vaginal infections and fungus formations there. This is because; vagina is a home for the birth of many disease causing microbes and then when the yeast growth goes out of control then it can for some sort of fungal infection. One needs to add probiotic food items and yogurt in their daily diet in order to prevent or to cure the vaginal yeast infection and try to keep it clean. But one should not apply yogurt directly to the vagina because this can cause some additional infection there.


There have been many studies which have come to the conclusion that garlic has a lot of anti fungal properties in it. So, eating garlic in their regular food can be a lot of help to stay away from fungal infections. When there is athlete’s foot, then garlic can be a lot of help. It is said that garlic has an anti fungal property called ‘ajoene’ which is very much effective to remove the fungus that causes athlete’s foot.

Oregano essential oil

It is said that this oil is a very powerful and a plant based natural antibiotic. This one is very effective on the fungus attacks that are caused by bacteria. It actually can prevent five species of harmful bacteria. Oregano oil is said to be containing 72 percent of antiseptic compounds like carvacrol, phenols and thymol. But when applying, one needs to dilute it with a carrier oil. Otherwise it can cause some burning sensation on the skin.

Tea tree oil

This is very much effective when one is suffering from candida. This oil has a lot of anti fungal and anti bacterial properties which can prevent and cure a lot of fungal infections including vaginal infection and yeast infections like dandruff or white flakes.

These are a few natural oils and ingredients which can be really helpful when it comes to fungal infections. But there are certain situations where the infections can be a bit severe. In those cases, one has to take help of medications (both oral ones and ointments). A dermatologist can examine the problem and prescribe medicines. There are some ketomac cream uses which can be very beneficial in order to cure them.

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