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What is Dry Foam Carpet Cleaning?

Dry foam carpet cleaning is a carpet cleaning method that is not actually dry, but does involve a low moisture content of 90% air and 10% liquid. The dry foam carpet cleaning technique is used for domestic, as well as commercial purposes by homeowners as well as professional Brisbane carpet cleaners, its advantages recommending it as one of the most popular ways of cleaning carpets.

How does Dry Foam Carpet Cleaning Work?

This quickly drying carpet cleaning method uses a portable machine that generates foam whose role is to separate the dirt from the carpet fibers. The dry foam cleaning machine is equipped with a soft brush in the shape of a cylinder that combs and lifts the pile which is then collected by a powerful built-in vacuum.

What is Dry Foam Carpet Cleaning?

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Dry Foam Carpet Cleaning

Upon using these carpet cleaning methods, rugs and carpets are deeply cleaned without causing any worries to people who want to avoid carpet damage such as discoloration, browning, shrinkage, buckling and mildew. The main advantage of dry foam cleaning is that it uses only 10% liquid, therefore allowing the carpet to dry quickly without being affected by specific issues related to over wetting.

Because the dry foam carpet cleaning machine removes dirt from the carpet and collects it all in one step, there is no need for purchasing separate machines to perform these tasks. The dry foam carpet cleaning procedure is easy to handle and can cover large areas in a shorter amount of time. When compared to other carpet cleaning methods, the dry foam-based technique is clearly gaining popularity as this technique is the second driest carpet cleaning method, being extremely efficient at eliminating allergens such as dust mites and mould, and providing amazing cleaning results.

What is Dry Foam Carpet Cleaning?

If you are concerned about the potential of mould or mildew formation you should choose dry foam carpet cleaning over steam cleaning since the latter as well as other heavy moisture retaining cleaning methods inject large amounts of water that get trapped within the carpet, hindering air circulation, this being the primary environment for the apparition of fungus. The detergent used for creating the foam necessary for this form of carpet cleaning is usually environmentally friendly and may give carpets a soft feeling when touched, as well as a pleasant, refreshing fragrance. Dry foam carpet cleaning is really gentle on rugs, and is capable of eliminating odors and stains.

The disadvantage of dry foam carpet cleaning is that it cannot be used on every type of carpet and is not suitable for heavy soiling, but only for moderate levels of dirt.

What is Dry Foam Carpet Cleaning?

Also, in case the dry foam machine has poor extraction capabilities, there is a chance of residue and soil building up, therefore only quality dry foam carpet cleaning machines are callable of performing an excellent cleaning job, hence raising the price for obtaining ideally clean carpets.

Another impediment to this method is that before the dry foam carpet cleaner is applied, the carpet has to be vacuumed thoroughly, and some owners would prefer to skip this part and start the cleaning process without preparing the carpet for deep cleaning.

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