As every year, GitHub has published its annual report, what they call the state of the Octoverse that year after year proves the almost exponential growth of the open source world. He had never collaborated so much and developed so much free software as nowadays. Not everything is rosy in the open source world (the problems of transparency, governance and sustainability of free software are still there) but it is worth spending five minutes looking at some of the statistics published by GitHub in its Octoverse and realize the impressive (and unstoppable) advancement of the free software movement.

On GitHub there are 24 million developers working in 67 million repositories (23 million of them active in the last year). There have been 1,000 million commits (in one year!) And merger of 47 million pull requests and closed 68 million issues .

There is code written in 337 different programming languages, that is, JavaScript dominates and long,

And if we look at what these projects are talking about, few surprises, Artificial Intelligence dominates the market .

In fact, TensorFlow is the project with more forks although the one that has more contributors is the Microsoft VSCode programming environment that is certainly becoming more popular.

And as a very important part of the development process lies in good communication, more than a million people have bothered to comment on at least one issue opened by another person. Yes, we are all in a hurry with what, what better to use Emojis to quickly express what we think ?. More than 7 million have been given 👍this year.

It is also worth reading the part of the report dedicated to the profile of who uses GitHub. More than half of the companies in the Fortune 50 index use the enterprise version of GitHub, and not only of the software sector but of many others (financial, telecom, entertainment, education, ...).

The only thing that has surprised me is the limited offer available in the GitHub Marketplace (which offers applications that can be added to a project in GitHub to extend its functionality in any direction: integration with any type of external tool such as Slack, revisions of code, project management ...) . Less than a hundred. Although the marketplace was born a year ago (May 2017), I think they are quite few. Especially considering the huge market available. I think there are very good business opportunities here and now, with so little competition and so much potential demand to exploit, it's a good time to launch. For example, creating a bot for GitHub like these. Who are encouraged?

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