Imagine that you were sent 7Zip archive by someone and now you want to open it. What are your actions? Of course, you would try to open 7z files with the help of Mac OS native app Archive Utility. But wait a minute... you can't. You start thinking that you have done something wrong and you try one more time, unfortunately, with the same result. After that, you start surfing the Internet for a tip and it turns out that Archive Utility is a rather handy app, but unfortunately, cannot handle with such formats as: 7zip, RAR, TBZ, etc. And you are spending another half a day searching for the app that would fit your needs and would help you with opening 7Zip files.

Best 7Zip archivers for Mac users

So in order to avoid this useless waste of time, we have gathered a list of best 7Zip Mac tools with the help of which you wouldn't ask yourself a question “How to open 7z on Mac” anymore.

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  Modified On Sep-07-2019 12:21:03 AM

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