How to Hire a Trusted Commercial Solar Power Company for Your Commercial property

Investing in Solar Power is a decision that will have an effect on your next 25-30 years in business, so it is important that you only pick a trusted commercial solar installation company. But with numerous choices around, how do you who is the most suitable solar power company?

Look into If the Commercial Solar Installer is Licenced

First things first, never ever opt for anything beneath a fully licensed company. Look out for solar installers that are approved by energy boards. Head over to their web page and check out in their footer (at the end of the page). Do you see any certificates? Yes - Great, you're already in the right place.

• They should be an Authorized Solar PV Installer by The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners.

• They should be a State Certified Solar Contractor.

• They should be approved by the American National Standards Institute.

Commercial Solar Experience

It is crucial that your commercial solar installation company of choice has at least 15 years worth of experience in the industry. Anything less and you're in dangerous waters. The optimal solar companies will have installed over 3-4 megawatts of solar panels throughout your state.

Commercial Solar Life Span

Your selection of commercial solar installer should promise that their work will last for 25-35 years without problems. Ask if they will give a 5-year warranty. If they can, then you'll be partnering with the right people.

Solar Component and Material Quality

The last thing you want is to invest countless dollars into solar power only to be presented a system that doesn't reach full power. Make you sure the commercial solar installation company you're considering boasts about the premium quality of the components that they use. If it's legitimate then they'll be proud to advertise it on their website.

• High-quality flashings will protect against water leaks.

• They use Tier 1 Solar Panels

• They should boast about their use of state-of-the-art technologies.

• They use companies such as SMA Solar Technology, Ironridge Racking and Q Cells.

Solar Power Multiple Configurations

Does this commercial solar power company offer multiple configurations? A respectable solar installer won't just provide stock and common solar systems. They'll provide a variety of solar setups that may be tailored to your business' property. If it's power outage security you're after then they'll likely tell you they can install an energy storage system that meets your load requirements.

The very best commercial solar companies will offer:

• Off Grid Solar

• Micro Grids

• Grid-Tied Solar

• Grid-Tied Solar with Back Up Batteries

Solar Financing

If you don't see a page about Solar Costs, then move on quickly. The greatest commercial solar installation companies will respect your monetary gain, as much as their own. They'll include a savings calculator on their business website and have the ability to answer any questions about rebates, tax incentives and net metering.

• They'll care about your Return on Investment.

• They'll be able to advise you on your financing plans.


Make the effort to shoot the commercial solar installation company you're considering a quick email. The best solar companies are always led by genuine, friendly people who yearn about solar. Use your judgment to work out whether the owner really cares about your plans.

Solar Maintenance & Repair

Solar panels are commonly low maintenance. However, every now and then they hit problems. From the solar panels to inverter error codes, you might need some expert support for commerical solar repair. Pick a commercial solar installation company that promises they'll be able to fix any problem that should arise, regardless of how big or small.

Read the Solar Power Company Reviews

You can't beat the verification of happy clients. Read their Google reviews and if you see lots of five stars with praise for the craftsmanship and results, then you don't need to look much further for your decision of commercial solar installation company.

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