Tips to treat your damaged hair

An unhealthy lifestyle and poorly managed food habits can create havoc with our hair. Professional commitments and hectic schedules force us to lead a trendy lifestyle taking a toll on our hair. Dearth of nutrients, proteins or vitamins has a role to play. In addition to this usage of artificial hair care products and too much heating of hair leads to drastic consequences.

A shampoo type also has a role to play in relation to the quality of hair. A medicated dandruff shampoo India would prevent hair loss. The best way to handle dandruff is to stick on to a quality shampoo. To deal with damaged hair there are a series of steps to follow

Early identification and working towards repairing

Once you notice signs of damage take immediate action of hair locks. Following a proper hair regime, it is possible to nourish your hair and make it healthy. It is really important to take stock of the damage immediately as once it goes on to spread long tresses might have to be chopped off.

Damaged hair has to be trimmed

One of the common tips given by hair stylists when they come across damaged hair. If you feel that the sides of the hair become rough, it is necessary to trim. This is basically a revival and restoring lost sheen of your hair. No need to sacrifice the length of the hair as damaged hair can be trimmed down in layers. Ketomac shampoo hair loss would prevent in losing out hair due to dandruff.

Keep away from styling tools

 A series of styling products like dryers or flat iron do more damage to your hair than good. A pleasant look will be provided to your hair for a few hours, but end up damaging your hair for a long duration. As far as possible maintain your hair in a natural manner and keep away from hair styling tools.

Chemicals are a strict no

Chemicals are a strict no when it comes to your hair. It is an enemy and to bleach or dye your hair, a lot of problems can be foreseen. In fact, it is going to spoil them to such a level that repair seems virtually impossible. Rather than chemical based treatments opt for deep conditioning methods.

A shampoo free from sulfate along with a conditioner has to be used

A choice would be to always stick to natural shampoos as they are devoid of sulfate. When you use such shampoos harsh chemicals can cause considerable damage to your hair. Always opt for a branded shampoo as it encouraged healthy growth and development of your hair.

Oils can be used to repair damaged hairs

A recommended practice is to oil your hair in a natural manner. Just apply a tinge of warm oil to the roots which enhance blood circulation for proper hair growth. Olive along with coconut oil is considered to be the best for repairing your hair.

Apart from the above-mentioned tips, you can even opt for the hair mask.

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