Tips to improve Magento 2 online E-commerce performance

Magento is a powerful content management system that lets people create fully-functional e-commerce sites with ease. It provides a maximum level of personalization options and functionalities that enables merchants to set up e-commerce sites as per as to their business needs and requirements.

It offers some of the striking features such as multi-store management, mobile commerce, Search engine optimization, making reports and many more things to assist you to signify your online business in a great possible way.

Magento Development also supports sample themes, extensions, and add-on tools that allow you to boost the design and functionality of your e-store successfully.

In spite of all these benefits, the speed of a Magento store is all the time been the main concern for a web store proprietor.

Most of the Magento customers are going through from this situation and seeking out a consistent solution. A slow loading site can enhance the bounce rate and cut the conversion rate – which is not the right symbol for any business.

As per data, a two-second interruption in loading a web page might decline the proportion of your prospective web visitors, while decreasing 100 milliseconds will increase the customer conversion by 1 percent. To obtain higher conversions, you have to follow some real performance optimization strategies.

Here, we will share some effective tips that will optimize the speed of your Magento online store and continue your speed under control.

1. Always make use of the latest version

Working an online store on the up-to-date version of Magento is every time a good choice, particularly if you wish a fast loading site. Magento issues its up-to-date version to static speed /performance associated problems for their clients and customers.

And the right part is that you don't have to inspect your site continues to see the up-to-date version, as it will send you a notice about the up-to-date updates. Isn't it remarkable?

Note: Magento lately turned out its 2.1.1 Community Edition to enhance the storefront performance while making use of various configurable product differences, and encounters promote and installation concerns.

2. Use caching and Indexers

Magento can work with numerous forms of caching that can enhance the speed of your online store on the soar. You can combine the NGINX +APC+Mmcache+Varnish caching for the best results.

Magento also offers an integral caching module that can solve the issue of the slow site in a minimum time span. It also reduces the load from the web server by providing the web pages that have been previously visited before – this also builds your site work faster.

PHP accelerator is also a great type of caching. It caches the PHP scripts in their collected state to increase your site's performance.

There is a wide range of PHP accelerators such as Xcache, APC, eAccelerator, and many more. In fact, Magento derives with the Indexer feature to enhance the speed of your Database questions.

Generally, caching and indexers are perfect for your online store's speed.

3. Compress CSS and JavaScript files

Magento drives with an integral feature to compress the entire your CSS and JavaScript files into one file. With this great compression, you can diminish your overall number of HTTP needs, which in turn increases the loading speed of your web pages.

You can simply combine your CSS and JS files making use of the cutting-edge configuration in your Magento admin. But being a Magento professional, always make sure you correctly implement this step because a currency mistake could leave you in a disturbing situation.

4. Allow Flat Catalog

Magento 2 Development Company is a perfect e-commerce solution that uses the EAV model (unit attribute value) to store consumer and product data for you.

You can allow the even catalog for classifications and products to merge the product data in one single table. This can increase the performance of your e-store by answering My SQL queries faster to the server. This feature is perfect if you have more than 1000 products. Below are the steps that can help you enable Flat Catalog:

Log in to your Magento admin panel.

Navigate to “System” → Configuration →Catalog.

Go to the Frontend option, and change “Use Flat Catalog Category” and “Use Flat Catalog Product” to yes.

Hit the save configuration.

Always clear the cache. The perfect mode to do is to eliminate the whole thing from the /var/cache directory. However, you can do it by navigating to System →Cache Management and tap on Flush Cache Storage, which is as effective as removing all the cache.

5. Use the Content Delivery Network

A content delivery network (CDN) is essentially coordination of disseminated networks that gathers and provides the content of your site to a user depending on their geographic site.

This means making use of CDN service means you can provide content from a location geographically neighboring to your visitors, which spontaneously reduces inactivity and enhance the speed of your e-store.

Note: You can incorporate MetaCDN Site Accelerator into your Magento store for superior results.

6. Optimize Magento Database and Logs

Inappropriately, Magento by default keeps signs up to 180 days. This can take enough space in your server, and enhance the loading speed of your site. To get rid of this situation, you can transform it into smaller like 2 weeks (14 days) to make space for some space.

Below the major important steps that will surely assist you to optimize the database of your Magento Store:

Go to the System → Configuration → Advanced → System → Log.

Under “Save Log, Days”, you can just later it to 14 days or whatever fits you.

Tap on “Save Config.”

7. Optimize your images

Images play a great part, especially when you have owned an e-commerce site. You can utilize thousands and millions of images to explain your products in a great possible way.

However making use lots of images, particularly large file sizes can enhance the downloading time of your site.

Thus, it becomes essential for you to optimize all your product images as it can accelerate your online store and also provide your customers with a great user experience.

You can even compress the images making use of Photoshop before uploading them to your online store. You can also make use of some robust Magento extensions to auto-optimize your images.

What makes your buyers loyal to you is your complete product assortment but above that places your e-commerce store.

Of course! To allow your buyer visit you, your e-store is what matters enough and for receiving the top e-commerce store, it is a great platform is a key aspect which if not selected astutely, can limit the prospect development and achievement of your online store.

With tons of choices available in the market such as Shopify, Magento, Woo Commerce, Big Commerce, and others, opting for the excellent one for your business is the leading quandary confronted.

However, each and every platform has its merits and demerits, this article will assist you out with why you should choose Magento 2 for evolving your e-commerce store.

Magento was crafted as the most flexible platform. The only purpose being it’s offering of pre-built extensions. The platform has a maximum level of usability and personalization compared to other e-commerce platforms.

Not only this, the platform is recognized for its common upgrading as per the users’ needs. In recent times, the team has improved its platform- Magento 2.

In addition to removing some negligible issues from the prior Magento version; Magento 2 is available with a power pack overloaded with features to make it the great platform for an e-commerce website.

Now discuss the major benefits of choosing Magento 2 platform to create your e-commerce website:

1) Agile &Open Source: First of all, Magento 2 being a great open source platform builds the e-commerce development streamlined. It can easily make you access to a wide variety of templates to select from with appropriate extensions & components with widgets.

2) Speed: Magento 2 is fortified with Varnish caching which increases page loading speed making it 50% faster as compared to Magento 1. Therefore, websites created with Magento 2 loads at a fast speed.

3) Flexibility: Magento 2 approaches with unmatched flexibility. Each & every feature of an e-commerce store can be changed be it appearance or functionality.

4) Scalability: As checked on around 12 server configurations, Magento 2 includes 150% more Page views each hour than Magento 1 i.e. it can manage 2.1 million more page views each hour and comprises of 117% more orders processing each hour than Magento 1.

5) Fast Development & Enhancements: Magento owning more than 5000 extra extensions as well as open source secure the development process and is an effective and comprehensible tool that can assist you for improvements in your online store.

6) Personalization: Magento 2 provide you the innovative functionality of monitoring your consumer’s performance, their choices & earlier buying, you can research them well and offer them extremely bespoke shopping experiences.

7) Go Universal: Magento 2 helps in providing diverse regions all over the world by offering functionality like Multi-Lingual & Multi-Currency.

8) SEO Friendly: To build your e-store visible to your group of customers, SEO is one of the most imperative things to contemplate. Magento 2 comes with the instinctive features that can optimize your SEO with no trouble.

9) Fully Responsive: Offering you cross-platform compatibility with cross-browser compatibility for your e-commerce website, Magento 2platform rules the market.

10) Fully Customizable: Enabling to create any type of customization builds Magento 2 best for more or less all industries directly from fashion to the drugstore to the restaurant to furniture. The whole thing in Magento 2 can be changed to fit your e-commerce needs.

11) Smooth Checkout: With the help of Magento 2, the checkout process is 38% quickly compared to Magento 1. It has just about simplified the shopping cart rejection rate to a larger extent heading to a higher conversion rate.

12) Security: With proper and secure access to different levels of user authorizations and especially innovative level of security while dealings, Magento 2 retain your e-commerce website much secure as compared to others.

High Performance

Mentioning to the page load time, request processing time and other dynamic or static processes, once again Magento is the victor.

As per to the user needs, only a few thousands of milliseconds of inactivity processing can fully eradicate the chances of E-commerce websites with prospective consumers; Magento with up-to-date technologies such as Varnish, Memcached, Redis, FPC, and optimized databases, can completely please the requirements of e-commerce businesses and their customers.


Magento enables you to implement various tasks all at once, which allows you to work on other imperative things in the time saved. Merchants and Developers can also deal with all of the items, billings, customer information with just a sole and comprehensible admin panel.

Ease of Integration

Magento enables you to incorporate rapidly with a massive number of third-party services comprising payment gateway, database applications, transportation, shipping tracking. Likewise, the Magento platform has integral Google tools such as Google Analytics, Google Checkout, and Google Base.

The bottom line is that, In this competitive world where the businesses are competing, Magento 2 will not only support you out in continuing in the competition but will for definitely assist you out in leading it.


Magento receives great and profound attention from dealers and developers when it comes to cutting-edge E-commerce platforms. Developers really like it because of its higher flexibility, as they can do more or less anything according to the client’s requirements. Dealers like it because of a wide array of functionalities and feature Magento offers out of the box.

You can increase the performance of your Magento store by following these above basic tips. These strategies not only optimize your performance but also provide an exceptional user experience to your prospective consumers.

A fast loading site also obtains a higher ranking on popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing. Thus, follow these performance optimization instructions and produce more returns for your online business.

Along with Hire Dedicated Magento 2 Developers, that can easily help you out to improve Magento 2 online e-commerce performances immediately.

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