When using one gadget from Apple for a while, a lot of users begin to change all their other devices to Apple. And no wonder, it is more convenient as the devices from one brand are perfectly synchronized. However, there are a number of things that became more complex. And for many users, the question "How do I transfer a photo from iPhone to Mac" becomes problematic, because it is impossible to view and transfer images from the phone as from a flash drive. The easiest way is to import photos from iPhone to any cloud storage and share access to them from the MacBook. But this requires access to the Internet from both devices, but not in every situation it can be obtained.

How to transfer photos from iPhone to Mac

There are many reasons when you will need to transfer photos from iPhone to Mac. Maybe just to save the photos on a Mac or delete them from the iPhone to free up memory, or edit the photos using Mac-based software after importing, etc. In this article, we will highlight the aspect How to import photos from iPhone to Mac in various ways.

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  Modified On Mar-14-2019 10:56:48 AM

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