Java. Magic from the hat.

Java is one of the oldest programming languages, but the programming language still is in the trend. And there are lots of companies who are using it. Also, there is no doubt that there will be a need for java developers in the upcoming future.

The programming language was released back in 1996, and it is still the most common programming languages. However, in case if you are wondering why you should learn Java Application Development. Then we are here to answer this question.

Here are a couple of points which will explain why you should learn java.

Java. Magic from the hat.

Most Commonly Used Programming Languages

There is no doubt that programming languages like JavaScript, Python are in the trend. But they did not replace Java from the list of most commonly used programming languages. There are more 3 billions of devices runs on Java. Even Android development requires Java to create mobile apps. Hence, there is no doubt why Java is not the best one out there.

Multi-Platform Support

The best part of Java is that it is a solid core language and it has multi-platform capabilities. No matter if you are working in a web environment, different operating systems or doing something else. You will find support for Java.

Also, if you are learning java as your first programming language, then it will make you think like a programmer. You will not just learn the Java language, but you will be able to learn about programming in a better way.

 It's a mature language

Java is a mature language like the programming language was launched back in 1996. And in the programming world its been there for ages and over the time there were many languages got introduced. But Java has its place secured till now.

But how can it help you? Well as one of the oldest languages you will find support for it. Like there are quite a lot of forums, blogs, and videos that teach you about Java. Moreover, there are quite a lot of companies which are still running their programs on Java, and they will need Java programmers in the future too. Also, the average US salary for java freshers is about $95,864.

A Strong Community

There is no doubt that Java has a strong community. You will find lots of people like you who are interested in learning Java or they are already experienced Java programmers. As the programming language has been there for so long. It has a lot of Java enthusiasts who are always open to sharing their knowledge.

Even there are quite a lot of meetups that keep happening around the world where you can meet new people and budding programmers.

Final Words:

So those were the 5 reasons to learn Java. Overall, there is no doubt that learning Java is still profitable in today’s time and there are quite a lot of job opportunities are still there related to this programming language.

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