Why Snoring Drives Partners From Bed?

Why Snoring Drives Partners From Bed?

Sleep is essential for the overall well-being of a person; it is critical to get quality sleep so that the cognitive, physical and mental health does not suffer. Often sleep disruptions can lead to many issues like difficulty in learning, memory problems, decision making, impaired judgment and much more. Moreover, it also leads to mood swings, anger, depression, and anxiety. Couples often complain about partner snoring and don’t get enough sleep despite sleeping on a good mattress. When one of the partners snores and disturbs the other's sleep, it first drives them away from the bed and can further lead to driving a wedge between the couple and damage their relationship. It takes a strong and special bond between couples to deal with snoring. A non-snoring partner is affected physically and mentally due to lack of sleep.

Reasons your partner snores?

Snoring is the noise that comes out during sleep when the free flow of air through the air passage is obstructed. The throat muscles at the back of the mouth contracts and relaxes during breathing when sleeping and the area gets restricted and becomes narrow, and the tissues start to vibrate creating that sound.

• Natural aging process

• Long tonsils, long uvula, large adenoids are some of the genetic factors which can lead to snoring.

• Congestion in the nose due to cold, allergies, broken nose, and deviated septum.

• Taking sleeping pills, muscle relaxants, medications or alcohol or smoking over relaxes the throat, tongue and the air passages leading to vibrating noises

• Excess weight or being pregnant

• Sometimes while sleeping on the back, the tongue blocks the air passage as it drops to the back of the mouth.

Health risks involved in snoring:

• Heart issues: People who snore are more likely to develop cardiovascular problems. Most people who snore tend to have high blood pressure levels and also hear diseases which can lead to heart attack and stroke.

• Sleep apnea: Snoring is one of the most common symptoms of sleep apnea. It is a condition which happens when the air passage gets blocked and causes a pause in breathing and restart during sleep. Your snoring can be sleep apnea if you snore and despite getting your full quota of sleep, you are tired. Sleep apnea can lead to various other health issues.

• GERD: If snoring is due to sleep apnea, then the improper airflow causes the stomach to push its contents up from the esophagus. GERD is common in overweight people; weight loss can resolve the issue.

• Headache: The snorer wakes up with a headache due to snoring.

Coping with a snoring partner:

Various methods can help couples deal with snoring. Many opt for sleeping in separate bedrooms but this may not be the best option in the long run as it can affect the relationship.

• The snoring partner can try a different sleeping position. Sleeping on the side or the stomach can prevent snoring.

• The non-snoring partner can nudge the snoring partner to turn over, but that deprives the non-snoring partner of sleep.

• Avoid having heavy meals and eating late as it increases snoring.

• Invest in a memory foam mattress as it can help fit according to the body contour.

Does your mattress cause the snoring?

If the mattress you are sleeping on does not offer excellent support and comfort then you are sure not to get a night of quality sleep and can lead to snoring. Sleep experts examine the mattress regularly for signs of aging or sagging. If you see that they are worn out, then it is time to buy a mattress. Wakefit, a leading mattress manufacturer, recommends that the best one for snoring is of medium firmness.

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