With the boom of technology, it seems to be used in almost every aspect of our lives. This can be both helpful but also a little frustrating at times. But overall technology seems to make our lives easier and lets us focus on different tasks and activities. 

When running a business you understand the importance of time and what gets done and how fast it can get done. Everything from how you clock in to how you organize your company’s files can be handled with technology that makes your life a little easier and manageable. Long gone are the days of having a bunch of paperwork or keeping a physical copy of everybody’s time sheet. 

Here are five areas where you can use technology when running your business:


Not everyone is a fan of sitting in long meetings that run long and do not get anything accomplished. These specific problems can be overcome by using different software to help you stay on track during meetings. There are a variety of products that can be used and it is up to each employee or manager which will be the best fit for their company. A lot of companies can use powerpoint for their presentations if they are presenting an idea or new product to their team. There is also Google Docs that can be shared with everyone on their laptops so you do not have to worry about printing papers and making sure everyone has a copy. 


Using a different phone system or organization system can have a huge impact on your company. This can change how your employees view the company and what customers think of your service. If you have a technology system that does not run effectively you may lose customers out of frustration because of internet loading and speed. When employees have a system that does not make sense or is complicated to use it can impact employee retention. 


A lot of communication in a business should be done face to face but that is not always realistic. Luckily technology is bridging this gap by creating technology and different apps that are available and used by a variety of different companies. Many businesses will have a company work phone set up to receive calls while others will use cloud-based tools such as Slack. This allows people on the same team or different teams to communicate with each other from their computers or phones using an instant messaging system. This means you do not have to wait on replies from emails and physically going to someone every time you have a question or need information. 


When you show up at work you usually clock in. This can be done by using employee time tracking software. After you clock in you may go to your desk or if you have a physical labor job you may have to put on a uniform and get ready for your shift. After that you will usually have to track what you have done throughout the day. This can be done by using a spreadsheet of some kind or using an online idea board such as Trello, that can track what is being worked on and what is completed. 


You may need a way to organize everything in your company. This can be anything from the different vendors that you use or tracking different client forms and information. There are a lot of customer-relationship management systems that are available for your company to use. You may also need to keep track of money spent and financial items. People who are skilled in Excel and other aspects of data will be able to manipulate and analyze data that is collected and organized. 

What technology can you use in your business that was mentioned above? Look into that specific product and see if it is the right fit for your business goals. 

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