SEO Tips to Get Mobile Apps Ranked In SERPs

Today every app developer is looking forward to improving the visibility of his or her apps on the app stores. Now, given that many apps are being uploaded on the app stores on a daily basis, it has become difficult for one to market their apps.

Since most of the internet users browse the internet using their mobile phones, it is worth noting that they are likely to search for apps using the various search engines in the market. This is where the Search Engine Optimization aspect comes into the mind of every app developer.

To ensure that the different users searching for your app on the web can easily get it, you must be willing to invest in using and SEO agency. Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) directly link to the SEO. Every web app developer intending to see their apps appearing at the top of every search engine must be willing to invest in maximizing the visibility of their apps.

It is estimated that nearly 27.0% of internet users find out about various apps while browsing the internet using their mobile phones. What this means to a web developer like you, is that most apps are installed from the various search engines and not via the app store. Investing in SEO for your app is worth it.

You cannot ignore the significance of mobile web search as a web app developer or marketer. The purpose of this article is to give you the basic tips you can apply to make web app achieve the highest ranking in various search engines and increase your revenue generation.

This article also looks forward to informing you on how you can apply both SEO and ASO strategies in improving your mobile game app ratings. Here is a brief on what we intend to cover:

Defining App packs and Single snippet

Ranking factors for web apps

Best practices in SEO for apps


1. Defining app packs and single snippet

Most web app developers are now shifting their focus to mobile search to increase the number of installs for their apps. The main objective for most web app marketers is to appear at the top of every search engine result pages.

Failing to apply the right SEO practices and effectively marketing your app on the various search engines will mean that you are reducing your expected number of installations by nearly 50%. This is not good for the success of your business.

Google has adopted new algorithms with the implemented changes in consumer search patterns. The search results given by the search engine now distinguishes between mobile and web search results. All the results given to mobile devices are given based on the abbreviation ‘App'. This means that the search engine now incorporates the app packs on the mobile SERP.

Now, since most internet users are searching for your web app using their mobile devices, the aspect of SEO is probably a core in ensuring that you effectively market your app on the web. To achieve the maximum visibility for your web app, there is a need to develop an app that can serve both desktop and mobile device users.

What is the definition of a single serped? This is the most likely search result given by a search engine when a keyword relating to the app is fed into the browser; that is, the results given when a keyword contains the app title and brief description of the app.

When Google gives multiple results for a specific app search query, all the apps suggested form an App Pack. In most cases, the app pack will appear at the top of the SERPs. If your app is highly rated by Google, it must be part of the App Pack.

2. Ranking factors for web apps

 Both app stores and Google use different algorithms in ranking apps. In most cases, if the app is ranked best on an app store, it is probably going to appear at the top of every search engine result page (SERP). This is because of the existing similarities in ASO and SEO ranking techniques applied in web search and app store.

The app ranking factors can be grouped into four stages; on-page factors, off-page factors, Google play store factors, and apple app store factors. All the factors are determined by how the keyword or query is designed by the user. For instance, the Google Play Store format is URL + Title + Short description + Description.

 3. Best practices in SEO for apps

Nothing is new in this section. To get many backlinks and improve the rating of your app you have to follow the major ASO steps. Begin by improving your website metadata and make it conducive to the web search.

Here is a summary of what you must do to achieve this:

Work on your keywords by selecting those keywords that have the highest probability of attracting traffic to your website. You can use the keyword search tool to analyze the keywords for the ASO. For the web search keywords, you can use the

Encourage your app users and website visitors to leave a positive review of your app. Google uses these reviews to rank your apps.

You can major in developing as many backlinks as you can. You can have different social media platforms talking about your app or simply create a link on your website that redirects the user to the app install page. You can also generate a landing page for the app installation.

4. Offer a QR code to download your app from your site’s landing page

Consider using QR codes to offer all desktop site users an easy way to access your app easily. The QR code should trigger app download on the compatible device once scanned. It’s wise to compress the link before generating the QR code.

Android app and Native Apple page URLs exceed 50 characters, resulting in high-density QR codes that may fail scan if displayed at small sizes. For best results, utilize a link compressor or a good QR platform that displays bot QR crawl requests.


To increase the number of your app installs as an app developer, you must invest in improving your app ranking in Google and other search engines. To improve your rankings, you can start by focusing on generating backlinks on your website and selecting keywords that attract the most traffic.

Note that there are more apps discovered by internet users outside the app stores. Though it may take time to achieve a good ranking for your app, applying the SEO techniques in marketing your app is essential to increase your revenue.

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