5 Ways Tech Has Improved Household Appliances

There are so many ways in which technology has improved household appliances. You can now interact with your appliances thanks to smart technology. Using your home's network, you can control the way that your kitchen appliances, laundry appliances, and other home appliances work. While they require a big investment, you have to understand that you'll save on energy costs. 

Everything that you already have in your home makes your life easier. An Electric Toothbrush makes it easier to clean those hard-to-reach places. Your smartphone makes it possible to communicate with people around the world. Technology has gotten even more advanced with some of the latest crops of smart appliances. Check out some of the best appliances and imagine how easier your life will be. 

Smart Appliances 
Your home will work differently when you introduce smart appliances. That means you can interact with your appliances with your desktop computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Since most homes have Wifi, manufacturers are developing appliances that connect to your network so you can use them in a multitude of ways. This turns your home into a smart home. 

The great thing about smart appliances is that you can have a family hub refrigerator, smart laundry machines, and smart ranges. That means you can preheat your oven while you're running back home from the store. You can control your washer and dryer from your smartphone. You can even see what's in your refrigerator via your smartphone app. 

Door-Within-a-Door Refrigerators
One of the most common smart appliances is door-within-a-door refrigerators. Not only are these refrigerators helpful, but they also help you save energy which saves you money on energy costs. You probably go to your refrigerator several times a day time to get a drink of water or a quick snack. Door-within-a-door refrigerators like the ones from Samsung, allow you to store more items without overheating your fridge.

These panels don't let cool air escape. You can store the items you know you will take out more frequently from the outer door. Use the inner door for the less frequently used items. Talk about a smart appliance that changes the way you organize your refrigerator. 

Induction Cooktops 
Kitchens are getting even smarter with induction cooktops. You can now cook without warming up your entire stove top range. Induction ranges provide a safer way to cook, especially if you have kids or pets. The pot heats up from the electromagnetic fields. So, only the cookware gets hot, not the stovetop. The great thing about these ranges is that they heat up and cool down quickly, using less energy. 

Laundry Room Technology
There's a lot of great tech for your laundry room. Some of these new technologies include add-wash or multi-wash machines, steam washers and dryers, and ventless dryers. Add-wash or multi-wash machines allow you to wash large loads such and small loads. This lets you get more done in less time, allowing you to save energy.

Steam washers and dryers remove the wrinkles and odors in your clothes. Your clothes will look freshly pressed. These machines save you time from ironing. Ventless dryers have become popular in Europe since they take up less space. 

Robot Vacuums 
This is the closest you'll get to hiring a robot maid. Irobot's line of robot vacuums has changed the way that people clean their homes. It's a vacuum that lets you set it and forget it. Your iRobot Roomba can vacuum your entire home while you're away. You can even use it to quickly clean up a mess. It's so smart that it returns to its charging station when it's done. 

It doesn't matter which appliance you'll get first. You can snag a few of these on your list if you can afford them. Maybe it's time to turn your home into a smart home with a few of these appliances. Investing in one or more of these will make your life easier.

  Modified On Nov-16-2019 02:05:20 AM

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