Today, the most extensively used medium which extends to all the corners of the world is Internet. The backbone of the internet is millions of websites which provides all kinds of information to its visitors and users. Now you must be wondering how you are able to access these websites, right. Then let me tell you the reason why we all are able to access any website at any time from any corner of the world is because they are all hosted on servers. In simple words it is called as Web hosting. 

Now let me explain you what is the meaning of web hosting?

It is nothing but renting a space on a server for making your website visible to everyone on the internet.

There are various types of web hosting. So today we are going to discuss about these types of web hosting.

Let’s look at the main types of Web Hosting:

  1. Shared Web Hosting
  2. Reseller Web Hosting
  3. VPS Web Hosting
  4. Cloud Web Hosting
  5. Dedicated Web Hosting

There are many web hosting providers which offer various services along with the web hosting like Malware Scanning, Backups, and Server Management, 24*7 / 365 days Technical Support etc. We can also call a web hosting service or business is related to selling server space and other related services.

So let’s get started right away on the various types of web hosting services which are available in the market currently.

1. Shared Web Hosting:

If you are an owner of a small business or if your business is in its initial stages then using Shared Web Hosting is the best option because it is the cheapest option available today and as mentioned earlier it is the best option for tiny budget customers.

In shared web hosting a single server is used on which all the websites of other customers are put by the web hosting provider. It could be over 500 users on a server. If a single user has many numbers of websites then this number can increase.     


If such a scenario occurs then those websites will utilize around 80% of the server’s RAM and rest of the websites would be left with just 20% of the total RAM. Shared web hosting is useful if the website is not too large or the traffic to the website is also not too much.

There are some points which needs to be considered while signing up for shared web hosting. For example in above scenario, if a website utilizes more resources then it will cause problems to other websites residing on the server. The websites will take time to load and which is not good for the websites as it will affect the number of visitors visiting your website. If the website is not getting loaded in short time then it will affect the traffic to your website.

2. Reseller hosting:

A lot of Hosting providing companies provide Reseller Hosting services. Let’s first understand what is Reseller Hosting?

Reseller hosting: -

The Reseller Hosting is a hosting service in which the account owner rents a space on the server and then he can resell that rented space to other customers who wants to host their websites on the server.

In this case the reseller account holder can be considered as a hosting provider for other customers. In reseller hosting individual control panels are assigned to the end users. The technical support service received by the end users in the reseller hosting is not equal to the technical support service provided by the well known web hosting providers to their customers. Because the reseller hosting account holders does not require to have an in depth knowledge of web hosting. Many of them are businessmen who are just starting their business and are not webmasters.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Reseller Hosting:

Cost is the biggest asset of reseller hosting. There are many reseller hosting providers who provide reseller hosting at very reasonable prices. The disadvantage of Reseller hosting is that the end users may not get a good quality technical support which is provided by the regular web hosting companies to their customers.

Reseller Hosting is best suited for those customers whose business is in the primary phase and not for the well established businessmen. It requires relatively low investment and starting up cost. If the account holder of the reseller hosting is experienced in web services then it will be best for the end users. End users can benefit from such a low price web hosting. Sometimes it may not be a good choice for those who are new in the programming and hosting. Because if the customer gets into any problem then he may require an expert technical support from other well known hosting providers for resolving the issue. It is not important if there is a difference in the price between web hosting and reseller webhosting.

For getting customers reseller web hosting requires large advertizing. The reseller hosting offers many features such as:

It helps to make money by hosting end users websites. The account owners can create customized packages which fulfill the requirements of the end users. Thus the reseller account owner can charge the end users and earn the profits.

Now a day's reseller hosting is becoming popular because these plans are designed in such a way that the account owner gets to earn money by customizing the plans. It is also known as white label hosting. You can use it as an additional service. If you want to start your own hosting business then also it will be helpful to you.

Advantage of using white label hosting is that you can expand your hosting services. It will also help you in retaining your customers. You can develop a long term association with the customer. Once you sell the services make it point that you provide all the resources and support whenever they require. If you only sell the services and do not provide them those required services then it will affect your business. Due to such behavior many customers start to leave your hosting. The reseller is the intermediate between the hosting company and the end users therefore it is his responsibility that such issues will never occur.


The reseller must try to solve the issues of the customer before forwarding them to the hosing provider. This will help you in retaining the customers.

If you were providing hosting on your own server then this may cost you more, require more disk space but with white label hosting you can offer hosting with low hosting price.

Services offered in reseller hosting which are approved by your hosting partner are

Billing software: Most often WHM is used for billing your customers. It is easy to manage the customer's payments. It decreases the stress of whether the customer pays on-time or not.

Name Servers:

These name servers will help you in distinguishing between the servers of the hosting providers and the brand.


If any of your customers is getting more traffic then you must be able to upgrade the resources for managing the website of that customer.

Control Panel:

Control panel is most important which will help the end users in backend operations and accessing the website.

Mail Integration:

If as a reseller you want to take your service to next level then you may offer email integration add-ons. There will always be need for web hosting because of the internet. So you can offer web hosting at cheap prices.

3. VPS Web Hosting:

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server and is basically a vitalized server. It acts as a dedicated server in a shared hosting environment. It can be on a single physical server or on more than one physical server which can be interconnected. You can technically say that it is both shared as well as dedicated hosting.

It is generally used when you are required to use lot of processes. So these processes require VPS servers.


In VPS if any piece of hardware fails then other hardware part can be used so there is no downtime and it is a huge accomplishment.

VPS servers can be upgraded easily which is not possible with dedicated servers.

If you want to move your server to another then also it can be done easily. Thus VPS servers give more flexibility or more speed to your service.

VPS hosting manages backups, their storage, hardware related problems and also the upgrading of server. Thus VPS hosting saves your time which you can utilize for looking after your business.

4. Cloud Web Hosting:

Here several servers are clustered together, unlike the above described hosting solutions. It utilizes the services from this cluster of servers, in other words it is called as Cloud.


Cloud hosting depends on virtual servers which get their computing power from network of physical web servers. It is mostly used as a utility or service because people pay for only what they use. The websites are mostly hosted on multiple servers. The main difference between cloud hosting and other web hosting is that cloud hosting requires a vast network of servers which are located at different locations which also called as data centers that’s why you are able to access your website from any corner of the world and that too at any time.

5. Dedicated Web hosting: -

A web Hosting service in which you get your own physical server which is not shared with anyone else is called as Dedicated Web Hosting.

The cost of dedicated web hosting is more than other web hosting services because here you can use your own hardware, operating system as well as your own software etc.

The benefit of using dedicated server is that you have full control over it. It is not required to worry about someone else activities on the server like slowing down the server or using more disk space.


The traditional dedicated server has various advantages as well as disadvantages. The biggest problem that can be caused while having a failure of the server for ex. if the hard drive of your dedicated server fails then automatically your performance will also fail, if CPU is down or power supply fails then it creates a huge impact on the performance of your service.

If you have registered for dedicated server hosting, then you will get managed Dedicated Web Hosting and Unmanaged Dedicated Web Hosting.

Managed Dedicated Hosting:

In this hosting the hosting provider will provide support with their own expert’s team who will come and solve the problem and it is fine. But for it you will need to pay some extra amount.

Unmanaged Dedicated Hosting:

In this type of hosting, you will have to solve the problems on your own because the web hosting providers will not provide their own expert’s teams’ support.

Hardware mirroring: RAID 1

It stands for Redundant Array of Independent Disks or Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks depending upon who you speaking to.

It provides you one digital disk on your system which is formed by a group of physical disks and it works in the background. Because of which you will receive increased speed, Fault tolerance and also you can have Redundancy etc. these entire sorts of things working in the background.

RAID 1: -

Assume that there is a Disk 1 on the left hand side and the data is on Disk 1 which is from A1 to A6 on a terabyte hard disk and there is disk 2 on which this data is duplicated itself from A1 to A6. You must be thinking what it is; it means that you would not have space with your 2 terabytes in total. You only have 1 terabytes usable space but you still have liability with Disk 2.

If Disk 2 is to fail or die it could re control or move over to the working version and working with new hard drive and it could start duplicating itself again on to the new drive. So RAID 1 is ideal for liability and the performance won't be affected because it is effectively moving to one of the two drives. But this is mainly designed for reliability.

At the time of upgrading it, another problem with dedicated server may come. For ex. if the traffic to your site increases and now if you need more speed or more space then you will opt for upgrading your server. In this scenario problem can occur.

This problem of switching over to another server can be solved by planning for this in advance so that you can try and test the another server in advance for the downtime and delays etc. for few days before transfer.


It is really very difficult of many of us to choose the right hosting package. So before taking any decision think twice, as it is important to consider which type of hosting you really need and then depending on those needs choose one of the packages from the above hostings.

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